In Moscow restricting the sale of alcohol again made through one place

Night only sold beer

In Moscow from May 16 to take effect new rules for trade in alcohol. The law prohibits the retail sale of alcoholic beverages from 21:00 hours until 11:00 am the next day.

Moscow regional authorities claimed that previously introduced a ban on the retail sale of alcohol at night with an ethyl alcohol content of more than 15 percent have already borne fruit — "reduce consumption of hard liquor has decreased the number of accidents and domestic crimes." Even stricter, according to the Mosoblduma, lead to more tangible results.

Would still like to continue, the ban does not apply to drinking establishments, food service areas, as well as duty-free shops. Restriction does not apply to beer and drinks based on this, strength no more than 5 degrees.

I recall in Moscow, a ban on the sale of alcohol strength above 5 degrees is valid from 23 pm to 8 am the next day. But on July 1, 2013. in the capital will come into force a ban on the sale of any alcoholic beverages at night.

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