In Mountain Shoria found Bigfoot

Local hunters regularly see large humanoids.

In Mountain Shoria (south of the Kemerovo region) local hunters regularly see large anthropoid creatures, Tass reported today, the head of the administration of Siberia Tashtagol Vladimir Makuta. "We already have 12 applications from hunters for the past four months. We have decided this year to equip an expedition to study the issue, a clear conclusion, we hope that anthropologists Kemerovo University will help us, "- said Vladimir Makuta.

The messages hunters reported that some nonhuman beings live in Azasskoy caves, 60 km from the district center Tashtagol (450 km from Kemerovo). According to descriptions of hunters in a dense physique afar they look like some kind of drilling bear tracks in the snow clearly imprinted toes, rising 1.5-2 meters. Beings have hair all over his body orange and black. It climbs trees. Local residents — Shor — call them "ignorant people."

According to Vladimir Makuta, a scientific expedition to confirm or refute the testimony of local residents and hunters. "We need to understand whether they are grounded. There is speculation that this relic hominid, ie mammals belonging to the order of primates, extant since the ancestors of man "- said the head of the administration. Incidentally, in Shor national culture has a strong tradition of ancestors, shamanism, and everything connected with it. Road access to places that have seen the "dark people", no. For example, in winter the Azasskoy cave is only accessible by snowmobile only a guide — a local. And in the summer to do it even more difficult.

The total length of the cave Azasskoy, according to local residents, is a few kilometers from the grotto cave spring water flows picturesque creek "Azas." And in the nearby village of Ust-Kabyrza archaeologists discovered three Bronze Age settlement and the unique village of ancient metallurgists. It is here in the Middle Ages was processed iron ore.

In Azasskoy cave crew already was one of the channels of the Kemerovo region. Journalists planning to make a film about mysterious creatures and the history of the cave.

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