In Novokuznetsk apple blossom

On the street in front of the Ordzhonikidze Polygraph apple blossom.

Delicate white flowers tremble in the cool autumn wind. The branches are scattered tiny apples, bitter taste.
This slim Dychko was planted here a few years ago. Bloom at this time of year, it can not be — it is to dress up in white, like all good apple should spring. Moreover: autumn flowering tree is not useful.
Understand this quirk of nature to us (and not for the first time) helped specialist "Zelenstroya" Elena Nikimova. "Apple can not bloom twice a year. Rather, it is for some reason delayed its development in the spring, but now dormant flower buds open, — she said.

— But unlike Dychko cultivars of apple — a strong tree. Even if this year the flowers will freeze, then next year it will bloom again. Dychko Dychko is, she does not die ", — assured Helena. And we are very happy.

By Anna Shahabutdinova

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