In other states, you can learn more about the Belarusian elections than with our media

Man: "The coverage of the election campaign, we can say, castrated, for show only about general technical issues and more. Neither of the people, nor the possibility of elections, no question.'ll See what happens after the registration."

Man: "Across the state media, of course, cover the election campaign is just the current president. So, we can estimate the mass media work well as they carry it out, as it should …".

"People do ask each other about the candidates, as the information is nowhere in the TV and only one man — Comrade Lukashenko. And only he has the right, if he wants, and how many will want to speak, but about the other candidates can not even hear anything."

Man: "About Lukashenka I try not to look, switch programs, but about the rest of nowhere did not see anything."

Man: "Nothing, only made Yarmoshina said how, and then — mavchok, nothing at all about the candidates."

Woman: "Learn the candidates simply impossible — no information. In those newspapers that are sold in kiosks, nothing. And on the radio, on television — one Lukashenko."

Man: "And certainly not about whom there will not know what all is quiet and silent. Only about one candidate all the time, Comrade Lukashenko, they say. Okay, that although the market signatures are collected, and there you can read about the candidates."

Woman: "Absolutely no information, except as Lukashenko.'s Just on some Russian channel Nekljaev few minutes said, and nothing more."

Woman: I do not want to say — only to no more Lukashenko. Let anyone come, only to no longer is he. "

Man: "Very poorly exposed company, only some general facts. Elsewhere, you can learn more about our elections than of Belarusian media. For example, I'm in Poland, then everything is veiled in advertising, and we have — nothing … . "

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