In Russia, burning 27,000 hectares of forest

In Russia, burning 27,000 hectares of forest. Photo: BBC News

In Russia the burning forest area of over 27,000 hectares. "As of Tuesday morning, in Russia for the past day 107 of fires occurred in the area of 46 120 ha, put out 126 seats in the area of 48 651ga. Continue to operate 114 seats on the area 27,743 hectares", — reported in the Information Ministry for Emergencies.

20 centers of large wildfires in the area of 22,208 ha in the Trans-Baikal Territory acts and one major focus — in Tuva on an area of 800 hectares. Fire-fighting brought 4,704 people and 869 pieces of equipment, including the Russian Emergency Ministry — 315 people and 95 vehicles.

However, Russia continues floods. According to MOE, floods in Russia 225 flooded farmlands with a population of 780 people, 7 socially important facilities. 134 people evacuated. In the Volga and Central Federal District 3 nizkovodnyh flooded bridge and 5 sections of the roadway. To flood the works one day brought 548 people and 109 vehicles, reported "Interfax".

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