In Sarov nuclear center explosion

On the experimental area in VNIIEF exploded during testing. According to Life News injured two employees of the research institute.

— Explosion occurred in the afternoon when the tests — Life News reported a source in law enforcement. — To find out why in the center suspended all experiments. Work in the territory of the FSB.

In «Rosatom» Life News reported that indeed such incident took place to be, but suffered only one employee, and he was immediately given medical assistance.

— During the planning and testing works, one person suffered minor injuries of the skin in an explosion neradioaktivnogo 2 grams of the substance. The employee was given medical aid. The company operates in a normal mode, — the representative of the state corporation.

Russian Federal Nuclear Center — All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics — Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom".

The Institute was founded in 1946 for the implementation of the Soviet atomic project. It developed the first Soviet atomic and hydrogen bombs.

VNIIEF ensures the safety of nuclear weapons in Russia. The composition VNIIEF includes several institutions: the theoretical and mathematical physics, experimental gas dynamics and physics of explosion, Nuclear and Radiation Physics, Laser Physics Research, Science and Technology Center of High Energy Density and the flow of radiation.

Anton Stepanov

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