In St. Petersburg, the authorities allowed to hold a gay — parade

Gay activists managed to agree on a march and rally on July 7 one thousand people, in spite of the laws of the city.



Leaders of St. Petersburg agreed to the gay pride parade July 7. The event was coordinated with the authorities on the one thousand people, the time of the — from 11.30 to 14.30.

— This is absolutely true. Official papers have got my hands on from the Smolny — said "News" LGBT movement leader Nikolai Alekseev.

Initially, the application site of the Palace Square was listed, but in a gay parade in the center of the northern capital applicants were denied. Authorities have suggested moving mass rally in Polyustrovsky Krasnogvardejskiy Park area of town.

— First, will march in the park, followed by a rally — said the plans for the July 7, Nikolai Alekseev.

The leader of the LGBT movement recognizes that despite the official approval of the authorities, to collect one thousand people claimed to be easy. In this case, the activist said that the format of the event will not be like the Berlin Gay Pride. The main thing, according to Alekseev, to march and rally against the ban promotion of homosexuality in Russia.

— We have it would look like, how people want it. Mostly, it is stated as a human rights event, that is, in support of the rights of sexual minorities, — explained the "News" Alexeyev. — Of course, this is not a carnival. All Western gay parades also started with human rights actions, and then turned in the pride that people have already made their rights.

While Alekseev sure to authorize the holding of a gay parade Petersburg authorities prompted the Council of Europe.

— The authorities are preparing for the next response to the Committee of Ministers of the case banning gay parades in Moscow. Until September, the time they were granted, so they gave the answer: how many such events are allowed — suggested Alekseev. — Now the authorities have allowed the procession to the park, and then in Europe will say, "This is the permit."

Gay activist hopes that the event in St. Petersburg will be held peacefully and the government will provide the gay parade necessary security.

— This will be a big push to ensure that such activities could be carried out in Moscow. This shows that there is nothing wrong with that. This is an important precedent to be created — concluded Mr. Alekseev.

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