In Texas, burning power poles



Mysterious phenomena observed recently in the U.S. state of Texas. Earlier it was reported on a mysterious glow and sonic booms in the sky, and a strange trembling of the earth. And recently received information that the five central districts of the state suddenly ignite power poles. The cause of fire is not yet established.

According to an employee of the Department of Public Safety, the posts started to explode on Thursday at about the same time — about 4:00 in the morning. The fires occurred on the tops of pillars. At the scene, except for firefighters left, and representatives of energy companies. One of them suggested that the fire may have been caused by the accumulation of dust in transformers, and short circuit protection — low-lying fog. But it might explain, if it was an isolated case. But in each district on fire 20 to 35 electric poles!

Meanwhile, residents in the affected districts bind these fires with those observed previously in Texas anomalous phenomena — in particular, the mysterious light flashes and audible rumble in the sky.

By the way, in the ancient chronicles frequent mention of the "horsemen of fire", "heavenly fire" and other phenomena associated with the fire. Back in 106 BC, Rome hovered over the giant red crow. Chronicles the certificate reads: "They were carrying in their beaks glowing embers. Coals fell down and set fire to the house. Half of Rome was enveloped in fire."

In the Middle Ages the flaming bird appeared over France and Portugal. Local people took them for spiritual fire. Sometimes the peasants, even bringing them to sacrifice animals and crops. It is possible that thus emerged and Slavic legends about mystical fiery serpents, which are not only setting fires, but were allegedly able to have sexual relations with women.

Some magicians and alchemists were trying to intentionally cause the demons of fire, which they called elementals. They believed that the power of the fire spirits will help them to gain supernatural powers. But this is not always ended well. So, in our time, a famous English astrologer Peter Vesey was found dead in his room. His skin was blackened and charred around but could not see any traces of fire … The investigation of this case was engaged parapsychologist Vincent Gaddis. He found that Vesey was trying to make contact with the elementals, which caused by the magical practices … I do not spirits finished off a miserable?

In the mid 80-ies of the past century, the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan epidemic swept the strange fires. The fire fell from the sky on the house, and after a few minutes the building is completely covered in flames. Killed many people … Before the fires citizens of San Juan saw a huge fire in the sky birds. According to witnesses, the scope of their wings up to 4 meters, and the feathers they replaced the flames … Unfortunately, these eyewitness accounts of power for some reason have not taken seriously.

See these "birds" with their own eyes could Forksedo Spanish explorer Salvador. Fire bird appeared before dawn over the roofs of houses. In the air with the smell of spilled ozone. Birds were flying very low, and then suddenly disappeared. Forksedo took a few pictures, but then all the shots were overexposed …

At the same time, the island began to find dead livestock away with traces of unexplained burns and cut like a laser languages. In addition, under mysterious circumstances, lost a few people. This sowed panic among the population: the rumors about the mysterious chupacabra monster, attack animals and people … The government sent in Puerto Rico fire brigade, police and rescue workers. The nightmare continued for several weeks, but then ceased fire themselves.

The previously mentioned Vincent Gaddis believes that it is one of the forms of life existing on Earth in parallel with the protein may have a plasma origin. According to researchers, these creatures have some intelligence, moreover, the ability to transformation. Well, this version too, especially if the experts can not explain the strange phenomenon …

Margarita Trinity

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