In the Irkutsk region of cattle die of vaccine administered

Last week in the village Gotol Alarsky district of Irkutsk region quarantined. There has been a massive loss of livestock after they were vaccinated.
Rosselkhoznadzor specialists until official information, but residents said the animals were killed on the day after they were vaccinated against emkara and anthrax. 7 animals were killed, 12 more needed treatment. Now veterinarians make surviving animals injections every day.
The village quarantined, exposed hour police post. Forbidden to export meat and dairy products. But when the diagnosis of anthrax was not confirmed. Apparently the cause of death of the animals was emkar disease, which is not dangerous to humans. Possible that the animals were already ill, and vaccine provoked his death.

"Such a situation could arise in any municipality. It occurs when people shy away from these periodic vaccinations ", — said the head of the district agriculture Alarsky Peter Zhaboedov.

In Rosselkhoznadzor now check the quality of the vaccine, which had been vaccinated animals. Promise to remove the quarantine after November 4, unless there are new cases of cattle.

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