In the Kuzbass looking for the cause tremors. Video

On the eve of a regional government began to receive calls from residents Belova Guryev, Leninsk-Kuznetsk and Polysayevo of oscillations of the earth's crust. According to preliminary data, the epicenter of the event was in the area of the section "Bachatskij." Propulsion reached three point six tenths of points. Danger to the population they represent.

During the preliminary investigation, conducted on behalf of Aman Tuleyev, it became clear that the seismic stations recorded in Belovsky's industrial explosion. However, according to miners, industrial explosions at the time was not made. Aman Tuleyev demanded a special commission to investigate the true causes of the accident. It was led by the head of the South Siberian Rostechnadzor Eugene Reznikov.

The commission — the first deputy governor Valentin Mazikin, head of the main emergency department in the Kemerovo region Yerem Harutyunyan Kuzbass known scholars and seismologists. The Commission has already started work. Today, Aman Tuleyev sent telegrams Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russia, Kemerovo Region prosecutor Alexander Khalezin to conduct an investigation of the facts and give a formal conclusion accident.

Also telegram sent to heads of city areas where vibrations were felt on the eve of the earth's crust, with the requirement to set up a special committee, who will check the condition of buildings and structures, compliance with safety requirements. Particular attention should be paid to housing facilities, schools, hospitals and other social institutions. Aman Tuleyev demanded as soon as possible to complete the investigation to provide formal conclusion and announce the results to the public.

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