In the Leningrad region are expected showers and thunderstorms

PETERSBURG, May 10. According to the weather forecast FSBI "St. Petersburg CGMS-P" day and night, 11 May 12 th in the Leningrad region are expected heavy rains, lightning, thunderstorms with wind gusts of 15-20 m / s.

As "Rosbalt", the press service of the EMERCOM in the Leningrad region, in view of the current weather situation predicted occurrence of incidents of violations in transport, increase the number of accidents on the slopes of the local and federal levels, and increased injuries and fatalities in road accidents .

It is also possible violation of the settlements, economic facilities and social objects in respect of injuries (broken) power lines, including as a result of falling trees, collapse of old and poorly fortified structures. In addition, the predicted probability of hitting the power facilities, fuel storage facilities and other facilities that are not equipped with lightning protection, as well as those discharges of atmospheric electricity during thunderstorms.

Increases the risk of forest fires in connection with the farm work, Paloma grass recreation in the forest area. In Kingisepp, Luga, Priozersk, Volosovsky, Kirishi area where a wildfire is most likely.

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