In the Serbian village woke vampire Sava Savanovic

November 28, 2012 22:40

The western population of Serbia wipes the shelves garlic: local authorities reported awaken ghouls.

The reason for the alarm was unimportant event: collapsed long ago abandoned mill on the river Rogachitsa, near the village. Nucleation under the town buyin Basta. The fact that the legend has it that this mill had once belonged to the famous vampire in these parts by the name of Sava Savanovic which victims and became willing to grind their grain.

Yagodichey family, who bought the mill, was afraid to use it for its intended purpose, but a good living from tourists wishing to visit the ominous place. In this case, most building Yagodichi not touch for fear that the repair or alteration can wake vampire. In the end mill dilapidated and collapsed. Around the neighborhood rumors that the vampire is on the loose again.

That same mill

The local mayor, Miodrag Vuetich admitted: "People scared: a legend about this vampire all know. The thought that he was now homeless and looking for a new shelter, and probably more victims, causes people to fear. We are all afraid. "

He added that it is easy to laugh, if you do not live here, but from the local no one doubts the existence of vampires. Warden also confirmed that the local council has advised all hang garlic on the door, the smell of which vampires can not stand, and make sure that crucifixes were in every room.

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