In the South Urals locust plagues affected more than 90,000 hectares of crops

In three districts of Chelyabinsk region maintained emergency mode due to massive locust invasionIn three districts of Chelyabinsk region maintained emergency mode due to the mass invasion of locusts. Economic threshold is exceeded by one third of the affected area.
As the "New Region" in the Department of Agricultural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region, acting in emergency mode Agapovka, Kizilskoe Uyskom and municipal areas. In addition to these areas locust plagues another dangerous pest — meadow moth.
It should be noted that the locusts seen in almost all the South Ural territories except Kasli district. But there, in the main common local species of insect, does not pose a threat to agriculture.
The most difficult situation is in Agapovka area because the municipality is bordered by Kazakhstan: it is from this country roams dangerous pest, destroying crops. In Agapovka area locust affected about 45,000 hectares. In this case, a number of areas of economic damage threshold (when the insects are a real threat to the crop and to apply chemicals to kill them) reaches 320 individuals per square meter. In general, the severity of the threshold is exceeded on more than 33 thousand hectares.
Currently, the affected area is actively treated with insecticide. On August 2, processed 28,000 hectares.
Recall from the regional budget allocated 30 million rubles in compensation for the cost of chemicals and the treatment of a diseased area.

New Region, Julia Maletskaya

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