In the trap of the past and the future …

April 17, 2012 15:17



Now our linear process of completing the first decade of the twenty first century, and in the hearts of people more and more comes disappointment and a complete spiritual life hangs. There was a time when the world is a rise of new energy. This wave of light brought the old spiritual schools and movements fresh breath. Gave new definitions have traveled and moved people's consciousness to space perception of reality.

Now who does not know the new words: quantum leap, transforming DNA, Indigo Children, 2012 and many other names, is filled with the information field of the Earth.

Some twenty years ago, we lived in a world where everything is recognizable, all explained. Apart of insight, we drew the esoteric knowledge of the ancient world as a source of divine revelation in the form of books of different faiths, as well as esoteric discoveries Theosophy and Agni Yoga. In our Western world has penetrated spiritual knowledge from the East and exotic at the time the title: Yoga-Sutra, Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Tao, Zen, Sufism dozens of other practices.

It seemed that where else can get knowledge? And at the end of the twentieth century there is a new for the New Age (New Era). Some say that this new knowledge gained by channeling others, that everything that was promoted, has long been written in old manuscripts. Of course, both are right. After all, we know that there is nothing new under the sun, everything is old as the hills.

But the material world is transformed. Die whole nations and languages and their knowledge to accrue only to a select line of ancestors. If the line is broken, the knowledge was lost.

More nuggets of spiritual knowledge reach the people who carefully studied the experience of the ancients. But this is only fragments of the whole.

Today, the old magic lines expire. It's time for a paradigm shift. Old knowledge can no longer move the mass consciousness, as they were designed for a narrow circle of people at the time.

Any esoteric school or practice eats his egregore. When the last person dies, which fuels egregore spiritual school leaves it strength, at least in our time. Without power over the rituals and spells — just an empty phrase. Of course, knowledge does not disappear, they move to the higher plane, so to speak, to the global information network of the earth.

Having access keys to the old "file" of a school is caught the attention of the neophyte by the length of time when the religious school flourished. This practice is not in our dimension, for us it is just a ghost who is not fully materialized in our time.

When I'll be hard to say the mantra "Aum," I will go to Buddhist egregor. I will have about the same experience as a Buddhist monk, a thousand years ago. Maybe I'll see a banyan tree under which Buddha sat himself. If I read the 'Our Father', day and night, I was sure to come a vision of Christ or the Virgin Mary surrounded by angels. My attention over and over again will revive the dying image of India, Shambhala or Palestine past.

And where is this time I? Where is my perception of the world, without holographic inserts in my mind, though nice, but I alien worlds?

While in the human body in the early twenty-first century, we can get a part of his consciousness trapped in the past. Here, for example, Eastern teachings, I will not mention what it is. Clothing and rituals of this school do not fit into contemporary reality. Followers of the teachings, as in the club history enthusiasts dress up in historical clothing, trying to reconstruct the life and philosophy of the past. And when we see them on the streets of our cities, we seem to get along with them in a parallel world. Themselves adherents of the practice, fulfilling all the prescribed austerity and living in the ashrams of beautiful gods painted on the walls, shifting part of the consciousness of the real world in the measurement of their favorite gods.

This, of course, nothing wrong with that. It all depends on our choice. When we choose integrity, any reality in our minds, is not anchored in the now, our attention is split into pieces, which may result in leakage of energy and loss of integrity of the neophyte. And integrity — is the way to freedom.

People living in our reality and practicing the teachings of old, where he painted a clear style of behavior, unwittingly builds for a separate reality.

Neophyte, dropping out of modern rhythms, forced to expend their energy on maintaining that once existed in the world. Even if the person will feel the grace of God in her rituals, over time, he'll be forced to return his consciousness into reality, where his body. He immediately feel the irritation of a meeting with the energy of "here and now", which is his ruthless vibration will destroy it with an artificial reality.

Adept, living within their school does not use the full force of its time period on Earth. A "here and now" — a flow of energy at the same time outside of time and over time, which does not fit into any religious or philosophical dogma. At this energy, no rituals, signs, magic and a lot of clothes of all attributes that are so loaded with all sorts of egregors.


Another thing, when a person or group of seekers of truth, does not oppose itself to this length of time, and tries to resonate with her. Time — this is not just a sequence of events — it is a dense cluster of energy, which constantly pushes and pulls our consciousness. It is not static. Therefore, the time given to us, so we could leave their old outdated reality. Without time, we are doomed to perpetual imprisonment in a little world, especially when we like. When we are in the stream of time, we get more and more experiences. This constant movement in what we do not have time to bind. Once we have understood something, realized, and decided that this is our achievement, as suddenly there are forced to part with it, because a second later it is no longer relevant to us.

We sdvinuvshis in time, are already in another point of contact with reality. Being in the here and now, we become like the wind, which only touches to anything that gets in his way. We do not belong to anything and no one, becomes fluid and unpredictable. And when the fall out of this now, we are starting to cling to the trappings, whether materialistic or spiritual ideas.

For example, if a person goes to the mountains, and will live there for decades in a cave away from civilization, you will not get the experience, which will have millions of his peers. Hermit, in his prison, not live fully all their emotional states. His soul will not use the full Earth's playground provided by the collective consciousness. For him the world is crystallized within his cave … But I would argue, as a recluse may be in samadhi, traveling in a thin body in different worlds and watch their third eye, our sinful world. Maybe so … he's just using his body as access to three-dimensional game, depriving themselves of real participation in the theater of human life.

How will a monk, coming down from the mountains of alienation when he trod on the heels of a crowded market? He does not know … he does not have the experience. Or may, as in the old parable … instinctively lifts his stick on the offender, forgetting his detachment.

After death we all become great yogis, flying in the astral plane. We did not come here for nothing, depriving themselves of the time the other world wonders. Our three-dimensional reality — the fulcrum of tottering worlds. Here, we can shift our consciousness from scratch, finding movement through time.

New energy in the face of a New Age has brought us the West to put the old images of a modern language. The West today is more logical, dynamic and abstract, and the East is sensitive and passive, hovering in the spiritual past. He is too attached to his old gods.

Once our jealous gods flying through the sky in chariots and threw each other in the fiery darts of power over people. Now, using the power of the West, its logic, we are of the esoteric sources know that they were flying in space ships and galactic war waged for the opportunity to control life on Earth. In this simple example we can see how to change the images.

Image — a tool of manipulation and mind control. Who owns the technology, imaging, controls the situation.

The old image of the one God and demigods died. Nietzsche was right when said by the mouth of Zarathustra

— People … your God is dead!

Modern man, way up centuries of religious subconscious fear of the gods, and to sharpen your mind and logic, rejected their idols fear becoming a materialist. He no longer believes in all sorts of tales of gods and miracles worked by them. For it — it's just a myth ancestors. And now, after some two hundred years of the existence of materialist, man cutting scalpel science world, faced with the inevitable collapse of his scientific theories based on the five senses. The world was much more complex than can imagine a three-dimensional person.

So gradually transformed our consciousness of the world of myths and legends born in the dense forests and vast deserts of the flat world, more three-dimensional perception, when we saw our planet from outside. Human consciousness "hatched" from the inside out of the Earth, to the level of global perception.

Once a person escape from earthly illusions, they were replaced by extraterrestrial hologram. For two decades, the human mind bombard new images creation of a new era.

We were in a world where there is a wooden monastery of the lake, there is our old gray-haired teacher, now we race on a spaceship (albeit virtual) among countless stars towards our cosmic cousins. Around the voices of our brothers on reason: Pleyadian, Sirians, the Zetas, the Galactic Federation and many other aliens, as well as a being of light, who teach us the multidimensional perception. Through its information channels they whisper images of distant worlds, taking our attention tied to the Earth.

We already know (if a part of the mind) that the universe around us is full of life. That there are sets of measurements that have the technology that we never dreamed of. We already know that there is a supreme intelligence that grows here on Earth, as in the incubator. Though our bodies are still living in the old world, but our mind is bursting with new images from the inside. Due to the abundance of new information does not fit into the materialistic reality, we feel more and more uncomfortable in their souls.

We already have absorbed in their dreams divine nectar, and yet we continue to feel the body tighter reality where there is nothing but survival. We are torn apart. One part, could smell the universal home, rushes into the sky, and another even more clinging earth, as if afraid to get lost in the open.

At the end of the twentieth and twenty-first century at first increased channeled information. In addition to knowledge about the structure of the universe, our gods teach us how to see the world. Give specific techniques of meditation and visualization. Here it must be clearly aware that this is a open portals to different dimensions, introduce into our consciousness the images through which we can easily manipulate. We, the people tested — who is who. In building before us different options for the future of the Earth.

To the knowledge of a new era quickly spread throughout the world, was created by a unipolar world and the Internet, with the dominance of the Western way of thinking. West (the energy) with zeal conquistador, through Hollywood movies and their channelers, through a worldwide web of information, began to impose new images around the world of the future. Using three-dimensional graphics and digital technology, our imagination pulled out of small national Mirkov a greater reality that is inhabited by alien beings, where all the colorful multibillion humanity lost in a myriad of alien races. We have suddenly appeared in the form of cosmic friends and enemies of the Galactic Federation in the form of Reptilians and gray men. Just out of this abundance of information flowing to our heads through contactors, not always understand where the truth and blatant lies.

Man was created by the gods, it is easy to program the device. In his mind open password for multiple entities from different worlds. For them we are a library, or a means of knowing the three-dimensional reality. While for us as our brains are locked. So now, when our reality is collapsing, many programmers want to play.

Recruitment is open to different earth souls egregors.

Time compresses our adulthood. Consciousness of humans being dragged and pushed out of a three-dimensional stagnation of our elder brothers in mind that once our former gods. Over the past ten years the collective consciousness of humanity has made a breakthrough in its development. We are ripe for many concepts, even fifty years ago, we would have been shocked. Even if the official version of reality, we are still living with the old image, but in my dreams and the dreams we have long been willing to galactic existence.

But in order for humanity moved into a new reality, a lot of events to occur, which would finally destroy the old images.

Running away from his past, we unwittingly fall into the trap of the future. We his desire for the West, keen dream in technical progress, is trapped in the game with the future. Now we own the new images of the future.

Future — one of the most powerful and attractive energies, especially when we do not like the gray everyday life. We are ready for any option of his tomorrow. Even the image of the end of the world is constantly discussed in mass media and on the web site, we are not afraid. What we lose …. because for us our gods have already prepared places in other realities, and especially advanced create paradise on the new Earth.

Now the energy of the West is running out. We are all witnessing the twilight of his. As you know after sunset the night. Here and now in our consciousness down dusk. Everything in us dies. At this point comes down to Earth energy-doing, to let go of attachment. The most important of them — our past and our future. At this time, we may seem that we stayed in the spiritual development, stuck in their past achievements.

Even the information that a few years ago, fired the imagination, now does not possess novelty, spinning like an old worn-out record. Our heavenly teachers, as if exhausted in the pursuit of our attention. In addition to recognizing our love and the promise of paradise, or vice versa, scaring us heavenly punishment, for our unconsciousness, is nothing new. Rather, they have left their channels after did the trick, dragging attention earthlings into one of the probabilities of the future.

Now, the case remains a time to materialize the collective intention of mankind, thus, completing the work of the great programmers. And as time puts everything in its place, we have no choice but to return from the virtual past and future, to his real — Three little man.

In the shifting world of change, we must enter into the energy here and now, to better feel his body. Now more than ever, we are in a period of time, where else but us, no one can help us to find our way. Our body is the only real substance on which to rely. Being in the body's energy here and now we merge with time into a single stream that carries us through the river of life, avoiding the endless stone affections. Gave it to flow, we no longer feel the resistance of space, time seems to stop for us, but at the same time looking at the passing shore events, we know that all life is about is in constant motion.

Sailing as in life, we have a spiritual rising in the East, and is now witnessing its decline in the West. Vanished on the horizon last flash of light, we will be no more external landmarks in the darkness of ignorance.

And we have no choice but to wait for dawn in their own hearts to illuminate their way.

Alex Vindgolts, Germany.

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