In the village the residents Neznanova confiscated and killed all the pigs

In the village the residents Neznanova confiscated and killed all the pigsThe peasants say that the animals are victims of the disease, and the authorities say about extreme maneuvers

A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture on the website it was reported that in Novogrudok and Korelichsky Grodno region on 16-18 February 2012 was followed by regional exercises to simulate an emergency response in case of a disease of cattle.

It would seem unremarkable, exercises are held regularly, and they always invite the media to as many people know, first, what to do in case of an outbreak, and secondly, that all were convinced that the experts do not fail. But this time, the press was not invited. Not only that, the editor called and told local residents that the exercise carried out in the village in the Novogrudok Neznanova area actually is not any teaching, and epidemic outbreak of a dangerous disease.

Correspondents "Observer" went to the place to find out what is really going on in the country …

We know that we know nothing

Locals say a few days ago, all the entrances to the village Neznanova were blocked by police cordons. On Tuesday, the streets of the village were empty, some courts are filled with a yellow liquid — they are disinfected.

Near breeding complex on the outskirts of the village, we see a car with a barrel filled with disinfectant. Surly peasant abundantly watered them a cart beneath the snow gradually spreads large reddish stain.

— About what is going on, we do not know — say disinfectants, hiding his eyes, — ask the local authorities. Us from Novogrudok caused.

Car pulls out of it comes out smartly man commanding view. Hearing that we are journalists, it quickly disappears around the corner. Throughout the hour, we're trying to figure out what's happening in Neznanova, but the villagers seem to be trying to ignore us and trying to escape as quickly as possible out of sight. Even the police officers on duty at the gate of a house where she was held disinfection, no further state: "We're just standing." Is seen in the courtyard of a few empty cells that are filled with abundant red solution. For the half-door of the barn is hiding from us a few men. We strongly suggest to talk to, in the end one of them comes out and says that the owner is not home, and when he does not know. There is a feeling that people have a subscription Neznanova nondisclosure …

Porcine genocide

After a long ordeal finally able to figure out what happened in the village recently. According to villagers, a local resident, Vadim has long been breeding pigs. Recently, they had begun to mass die. Rather than inform the SanEpid, the farmer took out carcasses outside the village and buried. Soon he suspected that the animals hunted envious neighbors, and he called the police. That's when it all began to turn. When it became clear that in a short period of time killed nearly 20 animals, samples were collected. What they found is unknown, but closer to the night the village is literally blocked the Emergency Situations Ministry, police and epidemiologists. Experts combed all the yards and seized all the pigs …

— To my home at the same time came to 20 people, — says one of the residents Neznanova. — Everything went outside and told me to removed layavshuyu dog, and they shot her. In truth, I fear a little lost consciousness.

Another resident of the village claimed that withdrawing pigs Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance officers said that the village is an epidemic of any exercise of the question was not. Neznanovets said: "If the house is not there, but heard that the grunting pig barn, could lock the door and knock …"

Be that as it may, and at the end of last week in the village Neznanova there was not a pig. Locals say that the animals were killed and burned.

Doctrine raised privacy

Long interview villagers failed. We drove up to a police car, from which came two lieutenant colonels and a major police as officials Novogrudok police department.

— We ask that you leave the place of the exercise — they said, was banned to take photography and required on-site to remove photos that have faces of police officers. Then we were escorted outside of the village. We headed to the village Rodogoscha, located a few kilometers away.

It turned out to residents of the nearby villages Neznanova live in constant fear that their domestic animals, too, would be killed and burned as a result of the regular "exercises."

— And it is not to sell animals or beat it. We were given a subscription — says a farmer from Rodogoschi. It shows the two sheets of paper on which is printed the text and a place to name and signature: "I … shall … for two weeks did not produce the slaughter of farm animals, and not to make the implementation of live weight." The second piece of paper — a receipt that the owner shall apply to the sanitation center in case of disease in their pets.

Every day in Rodogosche vet visits rural farmstead where pigs. All animals were carefully inspected. Communicate with correspondents "Observer" vet flatly refused. He murmured apologetically that simply doing his duty, and jumped into the car and quickly drove away.

But in one of the huts mysterious "training" the disease seems to have found.

— When epidemiologists arrived, I was not at home — says "dispossessed" host. — It turned out the whole thing is that my cousin a few months ago brought a pig's head from a farm in Neznanova where there was loss of livestock. On the first day, they took a live pig carcass and we recently butchered. The yard and a shed filled with a disinfectant solution. For the second day in the house disinfected. Here launderers now …

Policy and Accounting

Peasants affected by the "scientists" pay compensation at the rate of 15 rubles per kilogram of body weight pigs withdrawn. But people who have seized the animals, do not recall if it was weighed. Interestingly, someone who believes in the word. It should be noted that the purchase price of pork live weight now fluctuates between 20-30 thousand rubles per kilogram. But residents and Neznanova Rodogoschi by epidemiologists do not get angry, they are grateful that they have paid at least something.

20 kilometers from Neznanova is a large breeding complex for 10 thousand pigs. If the village did have an epidemic of swine, the local authorities had to worry about — a terrible disease in a short period of time could be cleaned mow all livestock in the complex. A state of emergency of this scale to keep secret almost unreal.

Residents of the villages affected by the special operations people were conscious. Arguing about what is happening, they rise to the level of high politics, and believe that the media in this case it is better to keep quiet.

— Well this is if the Russians or Ukrainians know that our meat from sick animals, and his import ban. And this is a huge loss for the country … — they say.

— A contagious sell meat unless a brother?

In response to the silence.


And yet no direct evidence that in the villages and Neznanova Rodogoscha detect and localize the site of infection, we have found. We do not have on hand the results of examinations, none of the officials did not confirm that the fact of infection occurred.

However, the question arises: what, exactly, was to hide? Why is the continued and on 21 February, despite the fact that their terms have been officially designated the 16 th to the 18 th? In any case, if the incident was Neznanova scientists, the event organizers, to put it mildly, it was not thought out. Especially hurt any innocent pigs. As they say, it would be funny if it were not so sad. The story of how, in Belarus during the exercises in a village cut all pigs already rattling around the Internet. People offer to officials not to stop and conduct training on fire safety, setting fire to the house. And, you can drown people, and then in a setting as close to real conditions, to save them.

We can add. It is hard to imagine what should happen to the current officials have realized hide from people the facts concerning their safety, it is useless. Today, any farmer in a remote outback may lie in the pocket mobile phone with an Internet connection. Three minutes — and the "terrible secret" in the public domain (which actually happened in this case). It is, on the contrary, to provide training and exercises to establish a competent awareness of impending danger. International practice confirms that an open dialogue with the public, providing it with full information on the issue to help remove the threat of much faster. Recall, for example, the history of Spanish cucumbers, once declared the cause of many deaths in Europe. Only due to honesty, openness and willingness to cooperate Spaniards managed to prove his innocence and save the good name. Start them darker — and the situation could be much worse.

When officials reveal card and say, "We have nothing to hide, we care about your well-being" — people will start to believe them.


Commenting on the agency "Interfax" the current situation in Neznanova, First Deputy Director of the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision, Chief Veterinary Officer of Belarus Yuri Pivovarchik confirmed the destruction of pigs in Novogrudsky area.

— Pigs were burned in the exercises, which are as close to reality. Before we do the same at the exercises that were conducted in other areas, — he said. — Before we actually on the border with Russia was a veterinary inspection, and we monitor all these questions. When removed internal border of the Customs Union, the control was abolished — take me as you will. And, of course, the threat from the other side (on the side of Russia.. — Ed.) Is very high. That's why we have to teach people.

According to Yuri Pyvovarchyk, destruction of animals included in the exercise plan. This is one of the elements that had to be done so that people knew exactly what to do when a source of infection. Specialist assured that similarly teach relevant professionals worldwide.

Dmitry Korsakov, photo by Alexei MATYUSHKOVA

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