In Transbaikalia consider counter fell the most effective way of fighting

Technology of fire of large forest fires in remote areas with a counter fell the most effective in the Trans-Baikal region, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Yevgeny region Vishnyakov, commenting on the MOE that is counter paladins have contributed to the increase in the area and the number of fires in the forests of the region.

Siberian Center for Emergency Situations on Saturday spread information that the Trans-Baikal region, where the sum in the most adverse situation with the Federal District, a fire in the woods, the increase in area of the fire occurred "due to lack of power and resources, and the use of tactics by the oncoming fire fell." According to the MOE, the Trans-Baikal region on Saturday morning there were 69 forest fires in 18 districts of the region, managed to eliminate 22, the remaining 47 are in the area of over 61 hectares.

"With regard to counter-annealing, this is the only effective technology that can be applied when dealing with large fires in aviazone (hard to reach areas, fires are most likely to put out with the Marines Avialesookhrana). Moreover, counter burns are carefully extinguishing forest fires and in the surface area (the area in which you can quickly transfer heavy equipment), "- said Vishnyakov, head edge operational headquarters for the prevention and suppression of forest fires.

According to him, when meeting annealing fire departments allowed the fire to meet an applicable wildfire that when two fire fronts leads to the elimination of ignition. In the terrestrial area of the fire allowed to do it with heavy equipment mineralized bands in the area of aviation — from the natural obstacles.

"This is true for decades. Moreover, it is recommended to FFA, and we sometimes even mild criticism of the encounter with the federal authorities about the lack of an active counter palov. Yes, the application of counter palov final area of fires is increasing, but we knowingly go at it to protect them from destruction even wider area, "- said the deputy prime minister.

Commenting on MOE that the Trans-Baikal region lack the strength and means to put out fires, Vishnyakov noted that the lack of people in the aviation area promptly filled dispatch of paratroopers Avialesookhrana region from other regions. In land area, according to vice-premier, lack of strength and no money.

"We in the region abnormal situation with the weather — in some areas there is no normal rainfall since last fall, with storm winds constantly blow with gusts up to 25-30 meters per second. Even simply reducing the wind speed of 3-5 meters per second to instantly gives reduction in the number of fires and the area, not to mention about the rainfall and lower temperatures. Most fires that ultimately gave a serious increase in the area, most often occur in remote areas, and instantly spread over large areas in high winds, where we really can not ensure that the number of people on fire standards, "- said Vishnyakov.

He gave the example of the steppe fire, which came early in the week in the region of Mongolia front of 25 kilometers.

"This fire amid strong winds immediately spread to the huge square. On standards that had to stew about 6000 people. Aviadesatnikov all countries is not enough to serve as a fire, as required by the rules," — said Vishnyakov.

According to him, currently on the territory of the region once again thrown about 300 aviadesantnikov from the reserve of the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA).

"With the help of experts FFA we close the most complex fires in the aviation area. Zone in ground forces and resources scarce, all fires are catered for. We extinguishing fires only 100 units of heavy equipment is involved, over 1500 people. Moreover, we are constantly increasing our grouping capabilities, use all vnutrikraevye reserves, "- said the deputy prime minister.

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