In Vietnam, created by 40-mm grenade launcher

In Vietnam, created a 40-millimeter grenade launcher

Members of the Institute of Head Department for Armaments Ministry of Defence Vietnam did sorokamillimetrovy launcher type MGL Mk.1. New grenade with optical sights-type viewfinders RDS, have already passed the first step of the test. This party launchers fully meets the requirements imposed by the Ministry of Defence Vietnam to this type of weaponry.

If we talk about the properties of MGL Mk.1, his weight — 6.3 kg, its rate of fire — 18 shots per minute. The gun is charged automatically after the shot. Capacity to store revolver grenade — 6 shots. The gun uses this type of fragmentation ammunition type M406 and smoke M79T. It is not clear when the new launcher go on armament and when it will start mass creation.

Under the independent development of MGL Mk.1, most likely refers to the copying of a license or creation South African production of the same name grenade (Milkor company is developing a grenade). In South Africa, such as grenade launchers MGL Mk.1 carried out since 1983. They are armed with such countries as South Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Peru, Sweden, Taiwan, United States and Vietnam.

Vietnamese Army also use South American M79 grenade launchers and automatic grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame" Russian production.

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