In Vietnam, the girl lives pirokinetik

May 22, 2012 8:58

Completely unknown to the world 11-year-old girl from Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, hit the headlines Asian newspapers for what supposedly attributed to her ability to involuntary evocation of all that fire can burn.

According to a Vietnamese site, the girl who lives in the Tang Bina district of Ho Chi Minh's house burns down, the entire third floor was occupied by her family. Her father swears that the child does not have access to electrical appliances or other igniter subjects. The father of the fire was caused by uncontrolled sverhenergiey in the body of his daughter. Similar stories with enviable frequency appear in the media. And most likely the girl's parents are looking for attention to his family. Nevertheless, it does not disclose the girl's father.

Parents of little girls say they noticed her unique superpowers about a month ago, when the house suddenly burned all wiring. When their daughter passed outlets in their house fire broke out, and they said he passed the toilet, she was able to even burn it. That all sounds intriguing, believable parents claim that this phenomenon is repeated when their daughter was in other places. So relaxing in the resort of Vung Tau, she burned in the hotel room, electric bell and a light switch. And for no apparent reason on a girl can ignited her clothing.

After intsidienta, which occurred on May 12, the girls family lives in constant stress and fear. All those present in the home appliances to get away from their daughter. The girl has a button to call any of her family members, and in case of imminent danger, it may cause them. Open up, the parents were told that protect your child in a 24 7 and next to them are always buckets of water and wet towels in case of fire like their daughter and house fires, the cause of which is their own daughter. They also agreed that the girl studied by scientists from Hong Kong, the International University in Ho Chi Minh City.

Du Chau Quang, an expert in paranormal abilities (ability to detect "radiation" in the human body) conducted a series of tests with the child and found infinitely strange in the right hemisphere of her brain. Assuming that this is unprecedented not only in Vietnam, but also around the world, Du Chau, created a group of scientists to research the girls on the environment. The unique phenomenon has attracted many scientists from different fields of science: physics, medicine, psychology, culture, and sociology. Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Director Gonkonskogo University, said radio frequency interference tests showed a strange "halo" in the right hemisphere of the girls, which can be the cause of her unusual strength. True survey in a children's hospital Cho Ray, the girl did not show any abnormalities.

Name of the girl and the photos of her parents were not made public, but agreed to take photographs and publish photos of his victim in the fire house.

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