In Zhukovsky, where the population is fighting against deforestation, imposed emergency mode

In Zhukovsky residents are forbidden to visit the city park and Tsagovsky wood around which the end of March, conflict broke out between the government and citizens. Only the day before in the woods cutting down trees to hold the enemy: one man, it is said environmental activists have been beaten. Now the City of "closed" forest fire typing mode, "Interfax" a source in the power structures of the city.

"The Commission on the Prevention and emergency response, as well as fire safety in Zhukovsky introduced in the city special fire mode. This involves a complete ban entry into the urban forest, as well as the entry of vehicles in a forested area, fires and holding any public events "- explained the source.

The decision was taken on April 25 and came into effect on April 26. Now, against the wish to penetrate to the forest will operate Police: Guardians of the order instructed to take measures to ensure that people in the forest area in the city.

In 1982 received the status Tsagovsky forest protected areas. But in 2010, the local prosecutor appealed the decision in court, and the status of a natural monument was removed. Now the forest is working on laying the road, against the construction of which is favored by many local residents. Civil activists pitched camp in the woods "Zhukles", but now it is feared environmentalists could be demolished under the pretext of fighting the fires.

For information on emergency mode confirmed leader of the forest defenders Natalya Znamenskaya. "As I said Acting Mayor Stanislav cloth, they enter into emergency mode Tsagovskom forest. They do not even hide, why should they. I asked him directly: did you do to eliminate the camp? He said yes. Course, this due to the fact that the camp is in the woods, and under the sauce they want to eliminate it, "- she said," Russian news service ".

Znamenskaya stressed that activists are not bonfires and do not violate fire safety in the forest area. In this case, the forest is also a lot of tourists, which no one throws. "After the meeting, many Communists came here, the situation is calm, the technique does not work", — said the leader of the movement.

Later, however, the press secretary of the city administration Eugene Solodilin RIA "Novosti" that access to the forest authorities are not restricted. He explained that, "The state of emergency was introduced some time ago, not only in Zhukovsky, but also in the whole Moscow region because of fire danger, it will last until the autumn."

At the same time, he said, made access to the forest is still allowed. Interviewee of the agency said that the situation was not related to the protests of activists on the cutting Tsagovskogo forest, which was completed some time ago. "Their camp as there is, and will be", — assured Solodilin.

Tsagovskogo felling forests began in late March. Destroyed about 14 hectares for the construction of an access road from the highway M-5 "Ural". Residents Zhukovsky had several meetings, and camped in the woods. They need to show them the papers authorizing laying new tracks, but so far the market they had not been granted.

April 21 in the forest occurred Tsagovskom real "battle" between the employees of the private security company and the defenders of green space. On "national gathering" then there were about 200 people. Intervened police detained several dozen activists.

Last Sunday work Tsagovskom forest were suspended, but on Monday, April 30, they began again. Following this news, the camp became activists gather citizens.

Two activists on Monday tried to block the road to the car Tsagovskom woods and were detained, according to the spokesperson of the MOI of Russia for the Moscow region Gildeev Eugene. The police stressed. that activists are not local residents, one brought to the police — a resident of Kolomna, and the second — from Yekaterinburg. According lesozaschitnikov themselves, police arrested a guy and a girl. A young man, according to environmentalists, beat and dragged by the hair police Major Sergei Talyzin. In MOI assured that the violence did not apply to the detainee.

Take active part in an event and decided to pro-Kremlin youth movement "Nashi". It was scheduled for Wednesday gathering of townspeople. In addition, the activists of "Our" brought brought to the administration of timber from the forest, and demanded from the Acting Mayor Suknova meet local residents. It is expected that in tomorrow's event will be attended by about a thousand people.

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