Indian Navy adopted a third class frigate Shivalik

Indian Navy adopted a third class frigate "Shivalik"

During a ceremony held at the shipyard "Mazagon Dock Limited» (MDL) in Mumbai on armament Indian Navy adopted a new frigate URO "Sahyadri» (Sahyadri) class "Shivalik" ("Project 17") reports, "Times of India".

The official signing of transfer documents by the Indian Navy ship production facility MDL «Yard-12637" was held on June 25.

Frigate "Sahyadri" is the third ship of the series. The project is multi-purpose low-profile frigate "Shivalik" was developed by the Department of Indian Navy design. The ships are being built by "Mazagon Dock Limited" under the programs from "Project 17". The price of each frigate is estimated at 23 billion rupees (about $ 500 million at current exchange rates).

The Indian government has approved the start of work on the design of a frigate in 1997, but the contract for the construction of 3 ships was signed only at the start of 1999. Construction of the head series frigate "Shivalik" began in 2001 as a result of delays in the introduction of configuration specification and difficulties with the supply of steel for housing.

Frigate "Shivalik" was launched in April 2003. Indian Navy took him to armament April 29, 2010. The next two series of ships ('Satpura' and 'Sahyadri') were launched in June 2004 and May 2005, respectively.

The ability to detect and engage surface, air and underwater targets at long range, frigate project "Shivalik" has a significant combat capability. It is planned that ship this class will be the main frigate of the Indian Navy in the first half of the 21st century.

Length of the frigate is 142.5 m, width — 16.9 m, the full displacement — 6200 tons "Shivalik", whose crew of 250 people, equipped with weapons systems, sensors and mechanisms of Russian, Western and state production. According to representatives of the Navy, about 60% of the price of equipment falls on the Indian ship suppliers.

New ship has a low radar, infrared, and acoustic signature. The kit includes arms 76-mm gun mount, vertical SAM launchers "Barack-1" near the acts of medium-range air defense system, "Calm", vosmikonteynernaya installing vertical launch missile "Club-N" with the fire control system 3R-14N-17 jet bombometnye installation RBU-6000 and torpedoes for anti-submarine warfare. On board the two helicopters can be based "Sea King" or "Dhruv".

Frigates "Shivalik" became the first Indian warships that are equipped with a combined diesel-gas turbine power plant type CODOG with 2 gas turbines LM-2500 the company "General Electric" and 2 diesel engines "Pilstik", which allows a speed of more than 30 knots (55 km / h).

Combat management system CMS-17 frigate of the Indian Navy designed and made by "Bharat Electronics". It provides no additional interface to integrate with weapons and sensors of other ships of the fleet, implementing such Makar, the requirements of the concept of interaction in the field.

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