Indian Navy has successfully tested a cruise missile BrahMos

Indian Navy has successfully tested a cruise missile "BrahMos"Warship of the Indian Navy on Wednesday afternoon in the Bay of Bengal successfully completed start-up produced a joint Russian-Indian venture "BrahMos" supersonic cruise missile, told RIA Announcements source in the Ministry of Defence of India.

The vertical launch missile "BrahMos"Was carried out at 09.30 (08.00 MSK) off the coast of Andhra Pradesh. Rocket flew 290 kilometers (almost maximum range), and, having done the" double maneuver in the form S "hit the target ship at 1 meter above the waterline, the source , noting that ship was "broken through". Indian Defence Minister AK Antony congratulated the captain which launched the ship, its crew and the company "BrahMos" for "a brilliant demonstration of abilities missiles, which showed that none ship will not be able to approach the Indian territorial waters with aggressive intentions. "Implemented in the test environment was to launch the 34th in a row. last time it was tested in October with a built in Kaliningrad for the Indian frigate Teg. About what it knows about the ship were launched on Wednesday, source did not say.

"For the Indian Navy"BrahMos"- Is unmatched main offensive weapon, possession of highest accuracy, and destructive power of a supersonic speed … Rocket known for it throughout only a few minutes can be prepared for launch … After selecting a line of traffic rocket flies to the target with high precision, constantly getting the coordinates of the satellite navigation system, "- said the source, noting that the" BrahMos "may receive information not only from the American system GPS, and even from the Russian GLONASS system.

The missile system "BrahMos" started to come into service in the Indian Navy in 2005. Rocket received and adopted the Indian land army. "BrahMos" is a two-stage solid-propellant supersonic missile weighing 2.55 tons, a length of 8.3 meters and a diameter of 0.67 meter body. Range of 290 km, rocket capable of carrying a warhead weighing 200-300 kg. The joint Russian-Indian venture BrahMos Aerospace, made in 1998 by the Indian defense research and development and the Russian "NPO Machine Building", named after the rivers of India and Russia — the Brahmaputra and Moscow.

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