Indigo children in Russia. Artist in diapers


Jaroslav Yasakova name already resides in the Guinness Book of Records, as it is marked as the youngest artist on the planet. And really — the thirst for painting he showed up as early as six weeks, when his mother came up with the idea to give the baby to play with bright colored markers. He immediately began to be applied to the objects around bright strokes of paint — I had to attach a sheet of drawing paper in front of the crumbs and replaced periodically with new ones.

Gradually, the "kalyaki" baby were guessed different images, unusual plants, animals, human figures. The sheets were replaced — there were new stories. By three months Yaroslav was already the author of 20 works. Yasakovy showed "creation" son's friends, and they are not saying a word, was advised to make drawings of the exposure. February 14, 2002 the first exhibition of the artist breast titled "Pulse of Love." So was declared priority for the young artist Book of Records.

But I must say that, most likely, the boy was born, and it is not by chance that in this family — a family of artists. It was November 1, 2001 in the city of Orenburg. Tatiana, mother of Yaroslav, headed by the regional center of applied arts and crafts, Oleg, dad, too, draws well.

In its half-year Jaroslav had been two personal exhibitions — the second was called "Breath of Spring". It is already 80 paintings. Most of them are written brushes and paints, which has learned to work baby. My mother remembers that for some reason was visiting his inspiration mostly at night: do not show off, Jaroslav did not want to settle down and go to sleep. It had to be kept in the air, because he could not reach the web.

He chose the paint, too, for some it only driven criteria: something is rejected immediately, others used willingly. The paintings were guessed images fairy-tale characters — mermaids, Goldilocks, snakes and tropical fish, terrestrial landscapes. Striking is the fact that many of his paintings are obviously fantastic images. Maybe he opened a parallel reality, and it shows what he saw there other worlds?

At 7 months, the boy has not created the "avant-garde" canvas, and painted from nature. On his drawings you can see the flowers in vases, cats, horses. Tatiana showed the son of specialists in Samara and Moscow. Pundits were seriously discussing the creation of the young abstractionist, until they learned that he still can not talk about …

Recently, the miracle baby has mastered the pencil and even tries his hand at the art of batik. On his latest exhibition in the Central House of Artists in Moscow was represented by a 120-wonder-child paintings, among which there are paintings on the wooden nesting dolls and Easter eggs, there are fantastic stories of his visions …

The last thing you should declare a sort of genius of Yaroslav, the hand which does not let the brush, and his eyes just looking for a flat surface to capture her his creative thought. He is an ordinary, lively, smart boy. Very quickly learned to read. With the help of my mother, "went through" dozens of hobbies — from dance to design and to all the lost interest.

Some of the paintings Yaroslav Yasakova today hangs in the Orenburg regional museum. Museum staff asked them not to take. The problem might be in the mood emanating from these works. Colors of happiness, colorful lines, dots, brushstrokes. Child generously shares what he saw, and believed that the adults will understand him. What will be its future — is unknown, but the attention of adults, caught the early and properly guide the pursuit of a gifted child to painting, still play a positive role. After all, most often it happens: do not have time to see — close window to the world. And they will become our common, but they are not less loved children. However, there will be no miracle. Maybe not ever.

Gennady Belimov

Half-year-old Yaroslav Yasakov from Orenburg already has two solo exhibitions and the title of "The youngest artist in the world", awarded to him by the Russian Committee of the registration records

Who of us in childhood is not engaged in "painting" — in the sense of not drenched diapers or forest that — do not paint them in the colors of "child of surprise?" Scarce Jaroslav with mom once turned his diaper into the picture, and worked as a brush and paints, and not what normal kids. Diaper canvas has already found its admirers: Moscow acquaintances Yasakovyh Yaroslavushki wanted to buy the work, but Tatiana offered to change the picture on the set of good paints — they are most needed artist. However, all in order.

Yaroslavushka — so affectionately called his mom and dad Tatiana Oleg — for his six months of a serious guy, has to account for two solo exhibitions. The first, which was presented graphics, called "Pulse of Love", the second — an exhibition of paintings "Breath of Spring". The main merit is that they take place, belongs to my mother.

Tatiana — the artist, the director of the Regional Center for Applied Arts and Crafts. When the baby needed to develop "derzhatelno-grabbing 'exercise of the toys Jaroslav chose not rattle, and markers. Affectionate parents are enshrined in a crib sheet of drawing paper, and the firstborn started climbing to the heights of creativity. In the three months Yaroslavushka created 20 works, of which the artists, friends Yasakovyh, advised to make the exposure. At the opening of the exhibition of the latter-day abstract artist invited relatives, friends, journalists broke helpful reviews of …

Working with brushes and paints, to which the child also showed interest, it was more difficult than with markers. Mom had to keep a painter in the air, offering a choice of different color. Some colors Yaroslavushka brushed aside immediately, discarding brush with paint on it typed, others took enthusiastically. The result turned out to be painted and the sheet, and the surrounding objects, and, of course, Mom.

80 paintings presented at the second exposure Yaroslava have found a ready response from the creative audience. In sweeping strokes confident adult baby saw mermaids, hammer and sickle, Goldilocks fairytale beauty, tropical fish.

In Moscow and Samara, where Tatiana went in the service, "abstract" work Yaroslav discussed seriously, but only as long as the critics did not find out that even the author does not know how to talk yet.

Those who come to the exhibition, read about a young artist or saw TV reports about it, the attitude to the creation of six-month baby is not unambiguous. Some see in these pictures, and even a sense of depth. But most believe that it is able to "nakalyakat" any child, if you give him a pencil or paintbrush. Anyone not any, but perhaps soon in Orenburg will open the third solo exhibition of the young "abstractionist" of the planet.

Would be enough to just diapers … I'm sorry, canvases and paints.


Natalia Chehonadskih the doctor:

— At this age, the child can not draw consciously, because the level of mental and physiological development it is still very low. Such "product" can be obtained, for example by tying a brush to an elephant's trunk, we do not call it creativity.

Yuri Rysuhin, painter, Honored Worker of Culture:

— I have seen this work. Formally we can refer them to abstract, but it's not a painting. About any comparison with the works of recognized abstract artists are not out of the question. The very notion of creativity preclude unawareness of the process.


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