Indigo Children: The Ordinary Miracle

At my request, Lilia V. detail remembered and talked about his unusual kids.

"Yaroslavochka from infancy to play with invisible to other balls, saw dust," color ", a multi-colored" glow "on people — she recalled. — It was the aura. More — more. A year ago, she told me that it protects the celestial being named Maria. Amazing things about her telling, just can not describe. I taught Yasyu communicate with a mentor, to dialogue. She sees the saints who come to the rescue when I give Reiki sessions to patients. Sees the "essence" of that in a healer and psychic Boris Sona, but the books she had not read it, I had them brought home much later her stories. On the contrary, looking at his books, I saw what I used to tell Yasha. And four days ago, Maria warned her about the "gray hunter," though I'm on the "gray" she has not told me.

Vlad "coming out" in a space where "all the white circle," and there is one (apparently, the astral plane?) Then he became frightened, and he "comes to itself." Said that he was asleep and awake at the time.

31/08/2005, I initiated it in the Level I Reiki. A Yasyu before — 26.12.2004 Made it just in case, to "close" from intruders. So I suggested to my teacher.

Got it: two months ago, during a conversation with my mentor, I was told that these children should be "close", they have initiated. And we need to have time to do it under 13, because they are very "interesting" to "antiduhovnyh envoys gather energy" — literally reproduce. According to the teachings of Reiki to connect to the divine source can be from 6 years. Therefore, my children are already closed. I hope that we did the right thing, to do so.

Gennady Stepanovich, and yet I am sending you some materials from their fellow moms who have children — indigo.

1. Figures Indigo Girls Julia 11 years. Wrote poetry, essays, short stories, draws. She was diagnosed as "epilepsy". Sees "unusual."

2. Photos of a young girl Dasha Mazunov, her 1 year. Clearly visible in the photo stream — Iris. He is like a smoke or radiant halo around her. And this is almost all the photographs. The photos were taken by different cameras. With Dashenka good friends my daughter Yasha.

3. Dasha brother, Nikita, 5 years. Remember past lives. He told the pope as he had long "died in the war, and he was buried in the ground," he's lying.

4. Yasin's one of the few descriptions of extraordinary vision. "

These descriptions of the girls were very curious. I bring them out of the records of her diary, which she leads with 9 years. Style is saved.

"Abduction (August 2005). I see at night. Suddenly there is a flying saucer, and I went up in the air, moved them to the ship. I even closed my eyes because I was afraid. Suddenly there was my mentor, Mary, it is their "sanctified" out of his hands, and I'm in a luminous ball moved back to his room. She said that these aliens are called "gray hunters."

Exile entities. When I called my mother to see the patient — he was in negative energy-clot — I came. The man was ill, my dad even wanted to call "first aid", but my mother stopped him. I'm also scared because my mother said that the creatures inside can lead a man to death. Even my mentor helped then treated. I saw a broken seat aura. And I saw with my mother as our streams is a place filled. But the patient is not getting better. Then I "myself" said Saint Anastasia (Yaroslav baptized name Anastasia) — Help me! — And then on the icon of Anastasia, I saw that she had written to the handle on the man, and they went from blue energy. She lets her about 4-5 minutes. Then he gestured invitingly, and the patient began to treat the whole iconostasis (meaning that the light has gone from icons — comment LV). Jesus Christ came and threw his energy, she was very yellow. Jesus Christ began to pull out of his men to infiltrate the essence. He pulled out one, she flew out of the window screaming. He pulled out a second, but she did not have time to fly, kayaked, though she was fiery. So he pulled out a five creatures. Then Jesus took out sixth essence — the uterus. It was more than any other, it was hard to pull out. Remove it, and it digs into the body again. She dived a few times, but Jesus drew her, and she kayaked in the street.

Communication with the spirit. My mother and I went back to Mary Artemevna. (Comment LV: she, a woman of 62 years, received the Reiki sessions, very much gave up after the terrible death of the son of Dima. His broken glass cut throat. He fell, hit his head on the glass door — broken windows and killed him.)

In the apartment, when my mother became a symbol appeared Dima spirit resembling dirty polyethylene, almost transparent (son drank). He was standing near the door first (in the place of death), and then moved to the closet. Told me mentally, so I gave Mary Artemevna that he will be with her until the end. My mother said that it must be so, because he neotmolenny. "

Next was an interesting postscript from Liliya Pazdera:

"I'll tell you about a girl Dasha indigo. She is now 1 year old. It is not totally a stranger, even hysterical, but when we met her for the first time, she held out her hands to me. And this old darling, I saw in her little eyes, so much wisdom … it is beyond words. Her arms around my neck and pressed her tightly, as if to bathe in this stream of Reiki. Besides pronounced flow — Iris, while any unusual abilities we have not seen, except for the fact that it does not develop by age quickly. And very belligerent, fearless.

She has a brother — Nikita, too, "poult." He has blue-violet aura. He also fearless. To fit a huge Rottweiler, looking straight into his eyes, and they do not touch, leave. With his peers he is not interested. He was five years old, but he plays mostly with boys 8-11 years old. Excellent command of the computer. With three years of reading. Very self-sufficient: even in the company of older guys trying to hold the lead. "

Naturally, I asked Lily V. questions on certain points and to seek clarification. This was the explanation of the initiation of children that could be attributed to the formation of indigo.

"Initiating — a dedication teacher student — said L. Pazdera. — When you initsiirueshsya you would like to vote for cooperation only with the Forces of Light, you are connected to the Divine Energy or Force of Light, and they get up on your defense. Are you talking about instead of the Energy of Love, Truth, Knowledge of God to others, to your children, friends and so on. When you're connected, no creature (do not know how to call it) from the anti-or "gray hunters" or others like them have no right to even come close to you (without your consent) — it's the law of the cosmos. You've already made your choice. You're protected — so I'm told mentors. That's why it's so hard, and to some extent I was unceremoniously "pushed" in Reiki. Perhaps we are some kind of information or a certain energy, which is the "interest" for the "gray" and those who come to us from the anti. But incarnate on earth for a certain period of life, we are vulnerable because of our sins of the past.

And my teacher said that the club will go a lot of children, indigo, and close them, that is, to protect, can be up to 11 years. Only I do not know why this is so. It seems that they, indigo, threaten and disrupt the plans of "gray" and from the anti-entities, so they will try in every way, or seduce, or be destroyed. Seduce — is when a young person is not in the way. It is a certain energy to the emanation of "gray" and the like. Indigo hunt for … When I initiate a student, my daughter sees all saints (so she says) come out and stand up in the room. There are many. Most of the students see some "pictures". If you dedicate baby, of course, first I explain in simple terms about angels, about God, about the sun around it, about the fact that the spout of sopelek can heal itself, just put the handle. Of initiating children now only "turkey. '"

… At some point, our conversations with LV Pazdera switched to an electronic form of communication through the Internet. This, of course, greatly facilitate and simplify our communication. It is not going for weeks and returned the letter — breaks were determined on for hours or even minutes.

Lilia V. in another letter wrote:

"Honestly, Gennady Stepanovich, I do not know what's so special report about our children. Just family and our friends Mazunov favored. The fact that we are usually, for others — is unusual, so it's hard to separate the "wheat from the chaff." Sometimes you hear others speak about our children, and think: "And what marvel, a common thing …"

School … Yasha and Vlad finished normally, not honors, but not troechniki. Yasha most loves history, natural history, literature, interested in archeology, ancient Egypt, she studied the history of the Romanov dynasty, keen ocean. Loves dolphins and horses, and all animals in general. Both do not like to put it mildly, a circus, a zoo, the poachers. Even when the show circus animals on TV, they switch the program. For this they see animal abuse, they know how to achieve a great trick: through the pain and punishment of animals.

Vlad passionate and great computer. Dreams of becoming a president to issue a decree "On the purification of the Earth from poachers and all other pests that stain the Earth and Space" — that's literally his manifesto. Recently, we go with him from my mom from the Altai village and suddenly crosses the road with a baby deer, and he said: "How can this come to mind — shoot them …" And zashmygal nose, little eyes hid inconvenient mother tears show. In general, he is strong in spirit. "

The narrative continued in a few days.

"The other day watching an interesting phenomenon. We Marina Mazunov country houses in one village. Marina there from the beginning of May, and I am his only recently brought back at the end of the school year. Dashutka (the girl who lit), grew in August, it will be two years old. The last time they met with Yaroslava last summer Dashutka was still a pipsqueak.

In a fit of joy Yasya obchmokala all Dasha and picked her up. And there was an incredible place, I've never seen such: their aura began to merge, just one general illumination for two. Purple Cloud for two. It was great. Joint aura became more bright, saturated, as ethereal melody.

Now they spend days together, Dasha Yasyu understands the eyes, and Yasha easily translates her "alien" language, even her mother Marina wonders how Yasa of these sounds can not understand what she wants. Dasha obey her implicitly, to eat — so eat, sleep — then sleep. Although my mother still the capricious, Marina big deal it is put to sleep.

Mazunov family lives in the country, so your email does not have access. Agreed with her that I will be for you to gain experience of its texts, and send to you. Our children are not exactly the same as Boriska-"Martian", although Yasya handles removes pain, Vlad sees "short future", and Nikita, brother Dashi, remember how he died, etc. "

I soon learned that Yasi, a new "heavenly" mentor — Olga. Yasha said she is working with her when no Mary. With the help of mentors, she learned to transform pain. When the village in her tummy sick, she asked to treat her mentor. It went to the golden ray — she saw him as the "second" sight — and after a short time the pain was gone. Mary gave her gifts, she called it their "nimbochki" — these are the golden circles on the back of his hand, they have characters. They supposedly serve to augment the flow of energy. Lilia V. Yasyu asked her to for her, too, they were asked, but she was told that my mother would have turned to his mentor.

"In fact, when I also asked" nimbochki "- said my mother Yasi — hand me on fire, both during the session, but much stronger. And Yasha on the hands, I saw a "different eyes", that they have some symbols. Now I use them in sessions with patients. For different diseases are different colors. Great! "

Gennady Belimov from "Indigo children in Russia"

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