Indigo Children: their spirituality, lack of balance and predisposition



Some children are born with a predisposition to exhibit all the spiritual. It is not uncommon special awareness of such children in the esoteric. How do they know — do not know. This is probably — karmic memory of past life. It is known that spirituality — is the essence of all religions. Maybe these children are born in this land, to bring new knowledge and ideology?

Maybe they're here, that a spiritual revolution? As if there were not these kids in the future will bring new integrated quality of all religions beliefs. In fact, the Indigo children — our spiritual teachers that point directly to our mistakes in the spiritual and psychological terms. They are indicators of the correctness of our behavior and the behavior requires that we have changed!


Indigo children are often unbalanced and impulsive. This behavior itself is contagious, so parents need to apply a good example to their children. Researchers found that parents of hyperactive children are born the same. This suggests that a person with hyperactive behavior must constantly work on myself, so that the next generation was more mentally balanced. It is proved that hyperactivity is inherited, but that does not mean that this diagnosis should be treated with pills. There is also a method of alternative medicine that gives positive results.

The sensitivity of the Indigo Children

Being very sensitive and vulnerable, the Indigo children are often withdrawn, unsociable and aggressive at the same time. They often do not add up relationships with their peers, and often these people are not in demand until the end of his days. In the 80s these people mistakenly diagnosed autism and administered a course of treatment, which certainly traumatized psyche of people of this type. Often, these people commit crimes, trying to be like at all, and therefore end up in jail.

In fact, Indigo Children always know what they want and who they are, and does not hesitate to talk to you about it, but it's stereotypes of this world prevent such individuals to develop. There are times when the Indigo children communicate with angels, saints, etc. — And the people of the new generation, it does not bother, do not understand this phenomenon only die-hard conservatives, who are used to "cure" such cases psychotropic drugs and correctional institutions. The main problem for others on the part of these children is their hyperactivity. Indigo Children can not learn by a common pattern of visual and auditory nerves do not hold the information in such a way as to enable them to learn, they are likely to perceive information than perceive it.

The question remains: how will the world look like Indigo, when all the people on earth will represent a new race?

Are all the people on earth will have unusual abilities? Apparently in our land comes a new dimension, where people can talk without saying a word, where everyone will have access to all the knowledge of our earth and the universe, where each person will carry the divine existence without overshadowing your life is not a single negative thought. Do come that predicted in the book of the great Tibetan Abhidharma? "And turn mortals into gods, where they will live indefinitely …" So … We sometime in the near future, we will have divine powers!

The transition to a new dimension

Now, in our time, there is a painful transition from one dimension to another. More and more people in the world are taking antidepressants, since in their inner world is still dominated by the element of envy, greed, fear, rivalry. People instinctively cling to the old, not realizing that instead of competing for ever troubled world is coming world of warm, sincere, good-neighborly relations. Psychics around the world foretell, that soon people will develop telepathic powers so that the lie becomes simply impossible, and in the new world will be ruled by the new rules and concepts, fundamentals that will put people Indigo.

Memories of a past life Indigo Children

It is proved that all children up to four years up memories of a past life. In children, especially those memories Indigo clear. The child claims that he came up with just a fictional story to them, but he talks about specific historical events, places, people. Where else can these kids know these hard facts, if they were never this one does not talk about?

Recently read a story about how one year-old girl, waking up early in the morning, threw a tantrum that she had to go to New York and that she has a daughter there and she herself — the actress. This went on for 3 days until invited a psychic, who found the girl in a past life really was an actress who died in the fire. The girl in an adult explained this phenomenon and, oddly enough, the girl stopped to mention it.

Indigo Children often wake extraordinary abilities, such as the auric vision, mind reading, communication with the entities, etc. This, of course, a lot of surprises scientists, but now people refer to this phenomenon with understanding.

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