Iset River covered with dead fish

Mass death of fish. Residents of the village of Great Istok and Aramilya whose homes are situated on the bank of the Iset, this morning were shocked: the surface of the river was covered with dead bream, perch, carp and rudd. Who is to blame for the state of emergency, environmental inspectors found out today.
Nicholas A. angrily goes through the morning catch. Soup out of it does not cook. All the fish is dead.
"This morning went ashore fizzaryadki workout, look — this is white fish," — says a resident Aramilya Nikolai Vorobyov.
The news quickly spread through the town. The smell of rotting fish felt even by those who live in dozens of meters away from the river.
Mora fish happy birds only. Gulls and crows arranged lunch on the river. Carp and bream for them today easy prey. According to preliminary calculations inspectors, died last night about a ton of fish.
Inspectors Supervisory water appeared on the banks of the Iset at noon. Several fishes Victor Shiryaev catches for veterinarians, they find out what poisoned residents Iset. Next, the inspector goes along the river to see where currents bring dead fish. 4 km search leads to the nearby village of Great Source. Local people believe that the state of emergency to blame the garage owner. "He drained. Changing oil in the car and then poured into the river. Morning I'm going, the oil flows. Fry muzzle beat, breathe, poor little fish" — said a resident of the village of Great Source of Elena Voronkov.
Environmentalists promise to check all the companies on the bank of the Iset. "The first is the company factory aluminum pipes. Since it started, it will inspect the area where they have a place of discharge, industrial waste water, storm water drainage," — said the chief state inspector of control, supervision, protection of aquatic resources in the Sverdlovsk region Viktor Shiryaev.
Inspectors will go there tomorrow, accompanied by environmental prosecutors.

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