Israeli navy shelled the freedom flotilla: 16 people killed

Israeli navy shelled the "freedom flotilla": 16 people killed eventually arrest Israeli navy flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to inhabitants of the Gaza Strip killed 16 man, reports "Al Jazeera."

The Israeli military on Mon boarded a flotilla of international ships that carried the blocked sector Gaza human rights activists and hundreds of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid, RIA "Novosti".

Meanwhile, the Israeli military censor forbade distribute any information about the victims and the wounded during the storming of the Israeli border courts "Flotilla" heading for sector Gas passes on Mon Israeli public radio, reports "Interfax".

Data on victims vary — from 2-to 10 man. The wounded — more than 30.

A total of 6 ships "peace flotilla" were about 700 man among them the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 Mairead Corrigan Maguire (Northern Ireland), also members of the Euro Parliament.

As reported by the newspaper's gaze, a website dealing with information support for swimming, said, "referring to our lawyer (in the Israeli town of) Haifa" about the 10 killed during the operation. Turkish and Arab television stations whose employees attended the courts of "freedom flotilla", previously circulated information about 2-dead and the wounded 50.

"The IDF does the government order prohibiting unauthorized access to this area", — said the representative of the army spokesman.

"Israeli commandos planted with a helicopter on the deck of Turkish ship, immediately opened fire on unarmed civilian people … The fate of other vessels is unknown, "- said in the little messages that are published online site participants swim.

On transmitting the video frames were shown boats and helicopters, pursuing a human rights caravan, armed men boarded the 1st of ships.

As part of the "Freedom Flotilla" consists of six vessels. They were taken to the blockaded Palestinian enclave very few defenders and 10 600 tonnes of relief supplies. Israel has previously rebuked caravan approach to Gaza, threatening to escort ships in the ports of one of its own members and deport swimming.

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