Japanese scientists have proved the existence of auras



Japanese scientists using highly sensitive instruments could detect a person coming from the light, invisible to the eye, according to news reports.

Research scientists at the University of Tokyo have shown that the aura is manifested most strongly in the morning, during the day it is stored, and the evening is almost invisible. A bright glow observed in the neck, mouth and cheeks.

Biophysicist and biochemist Gennady Goroshkin said that he does not require proof of the existence of the aura, because he is able to see her. Russian scientist Korotkov got an image of the human aura by GDV. This method allows you to "catch" the light on the human body, which is similar to the radiation discovered by Japanese scientists. Such methods of "capturing" the aura can be used in the diagnosis of diseases.

In the philosophy of Hinduism is the most complete structure of the aura. In esoteric schools and some Eastern religions believe aura manifestation of the soul. They call 5-7 "shells" or "bodies" of man: essential (astral), mental (the world of thoughts), emotional (the world of the senses), causal (karmic), buddhic (soul) and Aatmic (the true "I"). Breaking the mold or the integrity of the "shells" causes of the disease. Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga leads to the elimination of violations of "shells" of the body.

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