June 15, 2012 on the dammed area of the All-Russia Exhibition Center opened Veykpark


Director General of OAO "GAO VVC" Alexei Mikushko, opening the project, said: "Historically, ENEA has always been a platform that has developed among the youth sports direction. The opening of "Veykparka" continues this tradition. The park will operate year-round, and we hope will be a great place to raise the strength and spirit of the young generation. "

Wake — A kind of water sports, representing a horse on a special board, wakeboard, with a winch with a mechanical traction. Rope that pulls the rider provides a good speed and the ability to perform various tricks. Champions of Russia and Europe Wakeboarding Diamond Smaykulov, Anton Katorgin and vice president of open league wakeboarding Ilya Danil'chenko talked about the features of this bright, spectacular sport and shared their secrets of successful skiing. 

Vice-President of the open league wakeboarding Ilya Danil'chenko, Answering journalists' questions, said that "Veykpark" at the Exhibition Centre will be one of the few places in Moscow where you can join the elite sport: "Today we open a sort of water attraction, but soon it will become a place for the training of athletes and the training of future champions. This eco-friendly sport every year attracts a good number of new wakeboarders and veykskeyterov. "  

On the territory of "Veykparka" at the Exhibition Centre provides everything for extreme and safe skiing. The distance is long 170 meters, you can accelerate to 50 km / h, but even professional athletes prefer to ride at a speed of only 20 km / h For optimum slip diners can choose two boards: wake boards and wake-skate. For the safety of all kata pick the size wetsuit and forced to wear a helmet and life jacket.

Champions of Russia and Europe wakeboarding demonstrated their superior ability to control the board: they slide easily through the water, bouncing on the trampoline and tumbling in the air, holding on to the rope with one hand.

Ridden and very young champion — Arseny Lagutin. In his 10 years he has won the silver medalist Russia 2011. and the Champion of Ukraine 2011. wakeboarding.

After the show, professional members of the media have experienced the full force of the water attraction. In fact, it turned out wrong — even then just hold on a flat skateboard a few seconds, not to mention the jumps and flips.    

Visitors to the exhibition center can come to "Veykpark" and to join this fashionable sport.

"Veykpark" works from 9:00 to 18:00 seven days a week. The cost of one minutes of driving — 50 rubles., other than that provided for season tickets and special rates, differentiated by time of day and day of skiing.

Meeting place: Ponds on the dammed area VVC, next to the Botanical Garden.






















Video link: http://www.vvcentre.ru/news/show/?2065 

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