Juvenile Justice. Replica Alexander Privalov

Send news of a very sensitive area: the state intervention in family life, that we have long since called "juvenile justice". Hastily developed a document entitled "National Plan of Action for Children." In the Duma a bill on social patronage, giving new powers by the guardianship. They become self-sufficient system, which will be free to put just any children into foster care parents are alive — at their discretion. Pledge that — a model vague terms.

Show me the most ideal parents, about whom you can not say that they are some kind of "their own actions (or inaction) create conditions that prevent normal upbringing and development." About all you can, because the officer himself will decide what education is normal. What father and mother can not be blamed for the fact that they lack the "resources" for the positive development of children? Officer decides that you have something missing — get patronage. And there in the shelter. Judicial control is provided with a minimum — consider any.

We are always being told that we have to go the same way that enlightened Europe. But hardly indiscriminately imitate everyone. For example, the German Jugendamt, one of the most ferocious care services in Europe, has received the right to withdraw children from the family and immunity from any external control in 1939: while the Nazis, quite openly, riveted slogan Children universal tool of political repression. Why is headed the same way we are — is unclear.
We are told, in a number of families with children is bad cost — it is necessary to do something about it? Yes, in extreme cases it is necessary, and for the removal of children from the intolerable conditions of the law has long been given adequate tools. The idea is to remove all children from families that some officials are not satisfied, and stuffed prey at shelters does not seem successful. Just something about two years ago called orphanages undo, were saying that "children's home — shame of Russia!" And now they that are the glory of Russia? And I do not believe that the proportion of children exposed to violence in children's homes are lower than in families, but if the children would be withdrawn lot, the situation in the shelters will worsen, even compared to the present one.
We are told that in poor families, children can not develop normally. It is necessary to adopt a minimum, and if the family is not provided, the children of her need to withdraw. But, if the government is ready to spend money on the best content removal of a child in an orphanage, what the hell is half, even a third of that money does not tighten unfortunate family to a standard? We are told, tightening state control over the family is required to sign Russia international agreements. This is not very true, but not even the point. Let us rather say that Russia, in accordance with the same international agreements, will create the legal mechanisms of social obligations of the state. But the state does not want to complicate their obligations. They want to punish the family if she did not fulfill his.
No doubt, the family in this country is not in the best condition, and many poor families, and the families of drunk a lot, and asocial. And savagery — in particular, the rising violence — family confronts bad and all that. Just replace something it is not. Besides the family, no one to stand against savagery, it is the only tangible island today scary scarce in Russia trust and solidarity. And now it turns out that the state is going to further weaken the family. Massive intervention into family affairs cynical of our officials may be sufficient for this.
Question — do the juvenile justice system — a false question, it already is. And juvenile crime and a crime against juveniles grow and grow, and do something about it you still need, and whatever was in the end it is "something", it will still be called juvenile justice. The real question is, what "something" we will develop. No need to neprozhevannyh bills. The most important thing is not necessary in any discussion area, absolutely no additional powers, authorities or care, no police — no one. Powers of all of them for any reasonable purpose, and so the roof, and if they will talk, for example, do not remove children from Roma settlements, selling drugs, due to the lack of rights, we are not they just going to believe — and only. Work on any laws to tighten state control over the family immediately stop — to really open discussion. No need to rush: we should listen to lawyers, and teachers, and community organizations. If not listening to anyone in a hurry to take something like the current draft of patronage, can turn out very badly.

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