Khimmash column equipment put on the Kuibyshev refinery

LLC "Plant Glazov Khimmash" manufactured and shipped column equipment to JSC "Kuibyshev refinery." Column deizogeksanizatsii C-202 was shipped to the customer in installments from the end of January 2011 to March 4, 2012 were shipped by rail four blocks column equipment.

The total weight of the column — 142 tons and a height of over 66 meters.

Colon C-202 is a vertical cylindrical apparatus consisting of a shell with elliptical bottoms. The enclosure has the fittings for process piping and instrumentation and automation equipment, manholes for repair and inspection of internal devices, as well as parts for fixing insulation and grounds. The column mounted dual-flow trays. Installation of column equipment at the site of the customer began in January, immediately upon arrival of the first unit of equipment. In April, the specialists of the installer will conduct hydraulic testing and painting, and then the column will be ready for use.

The plant "Chemical Engineering" has been working on an order for the refinery, "Kuibyshev" and has established itself as a responsible and professional manufacturer that was the key to getting a new contract.

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