Kill yourself to become a cyborg

July 21, 2012 17:53

American scientist is serious about to kill himself for further resuscitation. This is the first experiment.

Heyvors scientist Ken (Ken Hayworth) decided to hold a dangerous scientific experiment. He's going to kill himself, so that in time to try and revive the use of his brain cells in the body of the robot.

This is very similar to the scenario of a science fiction movie, but this is not fiction, but a reality.

For many years, American Ken Heyvors Harvard University is working on the possibility to conduct such an experiment. In it, he admitted on the website «Chronicle». For over 10 years the scientist spends his days and nights in the laboratory, trying to make himself immortal.

The scientist says: "The human race is on the way to teleport mind. We will try to keep the brain, then split it up and use it in the body of robots. This would be the perfect computer that is based on the human brain. "

For his extraordinary project scientist is going to use guinea pigs, or some people, he would personally participate in your experiment. The scientist would use his own brain. And he is ready to say goodbye to his life for this experiment, which can make a revolution in science.

"It's better than to get too old or sick" — explains the 41-year-old scientist.

Before you implement your experiment, Ken is going to make a small farewell party to his friends and family members, although not all of them support his crazy idea to say goodbye to life, even for such an important human experiment.

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