Killing glance

July 21, 2012 18:02

The forty-year resident of Bratsk Tsaturova Irina says that as a child to tremble at the knees was afraid his grandmother Avdotya Ivanovna — imperious black-eyed Cossack woman who lived in a small village near Irkutsk Irsa.

Herself "staring"

A child's fear was a strange sight Avdotya Ivanovna — cold and hot, that pierced through and reading innermost thoughts. Grandma Irene in time for 20 years a widow, and in the village there were rumors that the reason for her husband's death was a "bad" view of the old Cossack.
Neighbor Avdotya Ivanovna hid from the eyes of its dangerous chickens and other animals, I remember how supposedly a few years ago, quarreled with his friend, so my grandmother Irene glared at people walking in her yard duck brood, that by the evening most of the fluffy aggregates have died …
When Irene was 13, Avdotya Ivanovna died. On this occasion, all-knowing villagers said it herself, "staring", because the old woman often and for a long time sitting in front of antique mirror, combing his thick hair …

Stop a running horse …

Having chosen the profession over time psychologist Irina come to grips with the phenomenon of the human eye, and even managed to collect a lot of interesting material on the subject. In particular, it found that the long tradition of tying people's eyes before his execution, sentenced to death, it is because there was concern that the bomber, being in the heat of passion, his eyes full of hatred cause harm to the executioner.
Techniques of physical effects on human eyes with a perfect command of the Tibetan monks. They could also move objects without touching them, to stop the run on people or animals and even cause a fire.

Dangerous citizen

In pre-Christian times in Alexandria, Egypt there was a special caste of assassins who look only force could deprive a person of life.
In this regard, quite interesting are the chronicles of the 1880s Sicilian city of Messina, which mention a gentleman, terrifying the residents of this town. Particularly for men was that he killed his views which it has something undesirable citizens. As the chronicle, once this gentleman, going to the store, staring in the mirror at her reflection. A few minutes later it struck stroke.

Mysterious rays

Since ancient times, philosophers and sages believed that the eyes of every person emit some invisible rays. The Roman historian Suetonius in early II century AD, vividly described the solar radiance that emanated from the eyes of the emperors Augustus and Tiberius. In Prince Vladimir of Kiev was noticed by ancient Russian chroniclers of this effect, which appeared after his historic baptism. Special bright eyes attributed many Orthodox saints who were able to view the power to cast out demons and to cure diseases …
According to the esoteric teachings and followers of Agni Yoga (religious and philosophical doctrine that combines Western occult tradition and esoteric theosophy East), from the moment of the material world in every living being stored particle original fire.
Depending on the spiritual aspirations of man she can send it to high and noble deeds, or burn in the flames of base passions and desires. For this reason, radiation eyes of some individuals has a pronounced negative, leading to the well-known among the people the evil eye. Caligula and Ivan the Terrible, Paul I, Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin had a fascinating, hard look that many people feel uneasy.

The death of the controversial "elder"

According to the testimony of many witnesses, it was difficult to sustain the look and Rasputin — the infamous "elder", a favorite of the family of Emperor Nicholas II, — whose eyes are mesmerizing, plunged into confusion and awe.
According to the memoirs of Prince Felix Yusupov, when on the night of 29 to 30 December 1916 the conspirators who took part in the murder of Rasputin, has dragged his lifeless body to the Moika River, "holy man" suddenly opened his eyes, and after this flash of blood-red light on the matter of moments blinded his executioners. Some of them fainted. Come to your senses first, Felix Yusupov shot dead revived with a revolver.


In 1923, Soviet scientist, a researcher in the field of biological radio Bernard Kazhinsky hypothesized that the human eye not only sees, but also capable of emitting electromagnetic waves in the space of a special frequency.
Already in the middle of the XX century, American psychologists have tried to prove that if a person's eyes, fixing the elementary particles — photons are able to see the world, it is possible that they themselves may emit these particles that ancient sages simply called "rays".
Is known for a simple device consisting of a thin metal coil suspended by a silk thread, on which is mounted a magnetic needle. In the experiment, a few minutes a man stares into the middle of the spiral, and then slowly turns his head to the side. Following the changing view angle … begins to twist and spiral that conclusively proves the existence of a radiation emitted by the bodies of humans.


In 1989, scientists at one of the research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR had unusual for that time of national science experiment. Its purpose was to test the paranormal known in those years Siberian healer Anna Semyonovna Lohatkinoy. In particular, it was suggested Lohatkinoy force looking to work on beam laser system, passing through the hollow cylinder. A few minutes after the start of the experiment space in the cylinder was filled with a gray haze, and soon laser beam … gone! At this moment device monitors the state eye healer recorded expansion of its short-term effect of the pupils to a maximum of …

Secret technology

After years of research and study of documentary materials psychologist Irina Tsaturova concluded that it was the pupil of the human eye gives a special, almost magical power. Even from a weak or sick individuals at risk or emotional stress pupils dilate, indicating short-term release of a large number of back-up power.
The fact that the main channel of transmission of energy are pupils of the eyes, has long been known to magicians and sorcerers, who owned a perfect techniques of hypnosis and the evil eye.
Look of a man can not only make a certain impression on other people. As a universal means of communication, it can have a beneficial effect, and cause terrible, no reparable harm.

Sergei Voronov

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