Kostenki — archaeological museum

Kostenki — an ancient village, located 40 kilometers to the south of Voronezh. There was a small settlement on the archaeological map of the world in the late 80's. XIX c. The village of Kostenki Khokholsky Voronezh region is known not only in Russia. He is known all over the world, people are somehow connected to the problems the study of prehistory, as in this village at various times been discovered and studied more than 26 sites of prehistoric man of the Stone Age. By the time they traditionally belong to the vast chronological span, from 40 000 to 20 000 years ago.

In 1979, in Kostenki was a cultural event, which brought them out of the narrow scope of scientific inquiry. This year, the museum was opened, built directly over one of the Kostenki sites, age about 20,000 years ago. Under the roof of the museum was preserved ancient house, built of mammoth bones and surrounded by the five-well-pantry
stockpile food.

In the most recent studies on the two ancient sites of Kostenki-14-12 were Kostenki obnaruzhenymuzey Kostenki Voronezh sensational findings, which again changed our view of primitive history.
In 2000, at Kostenki-14 were found in the ancient Eastern European jewelry. Discovery of ancient jewelry and remains of settlements in the ashes directly provides the first opportunity to link the demise of the settlement with the global catastrophe that occurred in Europe in that distant era.
In 2001 at the same parking lot was found a skeleton of a young mammoth, including always bad conserved animal skull. In the same year, was found the head of human figurines of ivory aged 35-37 thousand years ago on the system radiocarbon dating and paleomagnetic data — 42 thousand years old. This is a worldwide sensation, because by now it is the oldest sculpture of a man in the Paleolithic Europe.

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