Kuvada XXI century

Partnership delivery — both new and old phenomenon. This tradition is practiced in our hotels for families wishing to meet with a baby into the world, there is a private room in the hospital Abakan.
Professionals — doctors and psychologists — virtually unanimous that partnership is delivery support and encourage … but considers duty to warn — this experience is not suitable for every family. To understand why this is so and what is required of both spouses, tried and members of the second forum of young parents.


It is believed that the practice under the title "kuvada" existed at different times in many nations. There are plenty of options for him — a ritual of simulated pregnancy father before him by giving birth. The ancient Slavs were in the habit of playing the whole performance: my father were to be awake all the time from the onset of labor, no matter how long they lasted, and still be armed, guarding the expectant mother and the baby. In other cases, a man must first take the baby in his arms and wrapped in his shirt. But no matter what form to take part, the main sense of it all peoples saw the same: men allegedly involved helped bring the child luck and protect it from the supernatural forces.

In the modern world the tradition of collaborative, or partnership, birth was revived recently. If the presence of the father in the West has long been considered normal, for a similar hearing in the USSR was not possible. The only exceptions are the inhabitants of remote places, which have been forced by circumstances to render each other aid. This extreme situation is unlikely to show the situation in the country.
However, even today the partnership of labor has its supporters and opponents. More often than not, to judge from the stories of experts against the practice often protest … you future mothers. They fear that the father of the child may become ill at the crucial moment, and as a result of the attention of medical staff will be diverted to it, and not for the spouse in need of assistance. Other women try to protect men from this spectacle, believing that if he can abide it, it will inevitably complicate their family life in the future. The conversation, which took place during a recent forum of young parents, helped to dispel some of the myths surrounding the birth partner. In particular due to the fact that in the debate, but specialists took part and the young couple — Kirill and Olesya bulls, a few months ago had come to meet with the appearance of his daughter born.


Partnership delivery, as it belonged to them or the parents or professionals have a number of advantages over the traditional Russian insulation system of the future mother. "Normal birth last from 6 to 20 hours. Of course, the nurses all the time can not be with a woman, to entertain her conversations. So, if there is next to a loving person, whom she trusts and next to it feels protected, — very good ", — says clinical psychologist Vera White. The reason is clear: in such moments, a woman is important, not only to help specialists and moral support. True, it may have not everyone, so that her husband, stroking the head and telling funny stories — a general rule, from which certain there are many exceptions.
"Partner, that is, those who will be with a woman in childbirth, is open to any person, unless he has a medical contraindication. But it is necessary to take into account that not every man may act in that capacity. Quite often there are two extremes. In one case, a man begins to panic, demanding "do something" to distract the doctors. There is also the opposite, when it is not very sober spouse comes to the House as a tour, to ask about what and why, take pictures of doctors at the most inopportune moments … "- This is the opinion obstetrician SHUMILOVA Victoria.
Therefore, from the point of view of the medical staff, the best help would a woman who has children of their own, and a good knowledge of what to do. But to this rule there is one exception: a partner should not be a mom most mothers. The fact that parental care is most often turns into the same reaction as in the case of unstable husband, but in a much worse shape. An obstetrician in this respect even developed sayings like "Worst husband panicking just panicked mother."
Accordingly, the question arises: how to determine whether a person is ready to become an assistant, or it will do more harm? As a rule, medical help psychologists — such experts are in each clinic. More often than not recognize the potential alarmists in the preliminary talks and, if lucky, talk to participate.


However, statistics are sometimes wrong and everything goes as it should. "There were fears and doubts. But when her husband came to the hospital — all disappeared. The feeling that there was, best describes the old expression "like a stone wall" — was the complete confidence that now everything will be okay "- says Olesya Bykov. Couples obviously lucky, because it is different from others.
"I must say that some women like to impose a solution to their spouses. Including when it comes to partnership delivery. No matter how much they may say that the decision should be mutual and voluntary, at the crucial moment, she says their half, "Come with me!" And argue with a pregnant woman is extremely difficult … The result is predictable: the husband rushed business trip, wherever you go if only to avoid the hike. In our experience, there was a case when the husband broke his leg right before going to the hospital, and managing to stumble out of the blue, so that the "fast" had to call him first, and then — wife "- shared memories psychologist Marina Balashov.
Benefit from the presence of her husband will not be in either case. "If a child is" random ", trusting relationship between the father and the mother can not be. In such a case and help from the men should not wait "- said Vera White. Other experts confirm that there are times when families break up after the birth partner. However, not always the event was the main cause. Sometimes people can not really put relations on a new level. But sometimes the situation is such that the family would fall, and so, affiliate birth only to identify the weaknesses in the relationship between people.
On the other hand, the fear of future mothers that may damage the part of her husband, is not always fair. "Exciting to wait, and during childbirth was no time to be afraid," — said Kirill Bulls. He also surprised the experts its recognition that, except for the compulsory medical examination have not received any training, not to talk to psychologists for its resistance to stress.
"In my opinion, this is my mother feared that future popes will be bad, but in reality it's different" — says Olesya considerations Bykov. Personal observations of a young couple, as we see, are different from the picture painted by professionals. On the other hand, it may be that they are just happy exception.


The modern practice of partnership delivery, or rather, the idea of the presence of the assistant led to the emergence of some new "professional midwives," but on a different level. If the original was the name of the midwife, wise woman that takes generations, but now it is spreading practice of care and support women to the hospital. If the husband refuses to attend, or, as is also the case, non-existent, and the support is still needed, some hire professionals. It's not against the rules, and if the "midwife" has a medical degree, then assistance from it is more than appropriate.
Service as one could judge by the reviews, made during the discussion, it is sufficient demand. Even this method, like all others, can be called controversial, at least from an ethical point of view. But he, however, demonstrates that the phenomenon of labor partnerships are becoming more common. And it's not just coming fashion. Rather, the genetic memory of the person says that alone is not enough care for peace of mind. Need and human involvement, it does not matter — sincere or prepaid. With this, by the way, there is usually no disagreement. As about the main rules of the universal, not only for the success of the partnership of labor: the necessity of genuine love and respect between spouses.

Andrew Kedrin

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