Lavrovs visit to Fiji. Our picks up the keys to the home of Oceania

Lavrov's visit to Fiji.  Russia picks up the keys to OceaniaRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the trip for the Asia-Pacific region. Of course, the tour is part of the Minister of preparation for the APEC summit, which is scheduled this year in Vladivostok. End-Fri trip Lavrov countries in the region has become an island government of Fiji. Today's visit as a guest of the highest of our country Fiji — The first in the history of Russia's relations with the island nation, which began in 1974.

According to Foreign Ministry disk imaging, after talks of the Foreign Ministers 2-states, the parties came to an agreement on the implementation of inter with 2 countries visa-free regime. Also at the talks touched on establishing a permanent political dialogue and cooperation in solving international issues as the definition of the prospects of joint trade and investment projects.
Visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov called on Fiji to the United States, Australia, and of New Zealand real stir. It has long been a dwarf government not chained to discover such attention. Western political scientists might and main discussions are likely consequences of promoting their own national interests of Russia in Oceania.

Australian and New Zealand media, discussing visit Russian Foreign Minister to Fiji, have suggested that the purpose of the visit is to convince management of island countries of the South Pacific in the need to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

The main uproar Australians and the Yankees centered around the fact that Russia Tipo spends in the region of "checkbook diplomacy." These words described "the Russian campaign of collecting signatures for the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia," Australian bureaucrat engaged Pacific Affairs, Richard Marles.

At a press conference in Auckland, held recently Lavrov's visit to Fiji, one of the members of the media asked the Minister of provocative question on the subject. Lavrov's response was understandable and worthy: "The recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by some island nations of the South Pacific — that's their business. We do not squirm around the world and do not force or persuade them to recognize the independence of … Unlike some other states, Our homeland draws voice did not take and do not buy, although we are perfectly clear about the existence of this practice. "

A similar practice is really there. As reported by the New Zealand media, the other day Lavrov's visit to Fiji there descended the Minister of Education of Georgia and presented to the authorities of the island country's gift — 200 netbooks. The gift was given with the words: "We hold hope that the Government of Fiji remains true internationalist principles, good relations and partnership with us … and resist the temptation." What kind of "temptation" in question, is not clear. Neuzh is elevated netbooks, the Georgian minister placed his hopes on the fact that the timid natives refuse his gift, finding his "temptation"? What did so tempting natives? Other than a netbook Georgian minister picked up a couple of boxes and Khvanchkara?

The position of the Georgian administration once again shows the presence of his megalomania. Saakashvili, and right behind him and countless overseas experts, and of Russian "experts" who seriously believe that the main purpose of the visit Lavrov Oceania is the eagerness to enlist the support of all the micro-states of the region in the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It's just funny. Quite obviously, that obtaining such support would not change the situation in the recognition of a fundamental way, much less that the precedent has already been (recognized the independence of the Caucasian republics island government Nauru). Saakashvili is a very mistaken if he thinks that Lavrov went cap in the native chiefs in order to annoy the latter-day Georgian king David. The assumption that Lavrov's visit to Fiji is the payoff of management on condition that it helped the Russian Federation on the issue of recognition — is nonsense and cheap propaganda. Raising of this issue is the only purpose of discrediting Russia's position on this issue, since it exposes in a very unfavorable light: as a giant who has no authority in the world, trying to bribe a microstate government that would be happy to at least some support from at least some, even the most dangerous and treacherous country.

In fact, the attention of the Russian Federation to the island state is justified natural geopolitical reasons, first weakening of the position here in Australia and the United States. A holy place, as you know, is never empty. As a result of the military coup in Fiji, which occurred in 2006, Australia and Bimbo Zealand almost put this country of isolation, advising tourists state to provide the local economy is not just the main part of the proceeds to refrain from traveling to Fiji. Australians and turned novozeladntsy money applets, be successfully acted immediately before the coup. In addition, the islanders have even hinted at a military solution to "problems of democracy" that, in general, not surprisingly long time. I must say that no matter what Fiji act boldly and decisively, rapidly expanding its zabugornye connection. And this policy has already borne the islanders visible results: more financial aid has already had Fijians vsesuschy China.

Arrogant position of the Anglo-Saxons, reflected in inadequate policy towards Fiji — a good chance for RF, which, like the majestic power, just to use it to promote their own national interests in the so distant, but because a fundamental part of the world.

Thus, the strengthening of relations with Russia is fully justified impartial reasons, first, mutual intrigued by our countries in each other. For RF Fiji — it's not just exotic ally that does not require people to design our tourist visas. The geographical position of the country is as Fiji (Fiji occupy a central position in Oceania), which control over these islands can have a serious impact on the processes in the region and limit Australia, which is the second largest country of the rising sun after a U.S. ally in the Asia-Pacific region. Both Abkhazia and South Ossetia here at all to do with it.

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