Lavrovs visit to Syria: the West is on the verge of hysteria

Visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov and the head of intelligence services outside Fradkov to Syria, as well as the vote in the UN Security Council resolution on Syria, which is understood to have blocked our homeland and China, have caused in the West, the reaction is, located, according to all of the same Minister Lavrov, "somewhere on the edge of hysteria."

Lavrov's visit to Syria: the West is "on the verge of hysteria"

Wait another reaction from the West would, of course, be naive, but emotions in speech Anglo-Saxon hawks and their obedient European assistants just going wild. Some "peacekeepers" to start talking openly. For example, the minister of foreign affairs of England Haig, criticizing the position RF on the Syrian issue, referred to her "betrayal of the Syrian people."

The degree of cynicism with which the United States foreign policy and England and made such statements have long does not fit into the framework of the diplomatic and often human decency. "Traitors of the Syrian people," this people, at least, the vast majority of its members with an interest in peace and stability themselves and their own kids, met Russian diplomats as saviors — multi-million demonstration with flags and banners. Reason to believe that so much hospitality Russian delegation — pure propaganda, ostentatious share, no. Speculations about this — another unfortunate element of information warfare, which democratizers conduct in this case is not very good — awl, as they say, you can not hide in the bag. The faces of Syrians to the streets of Damascus and hot greeted the Russian delegation, written by a real concern for the fate of their own homeland, they perfectly understand what it means support RF and its mediation in the stabilization of the situation for each of them. Such a sincere reaction of people is unrealistic to forge, and the West can not be unaware of this. Should be noted, however, that the situation in Syria very different from Libya — like it was, Assad has learned the Libyan lesson and did not miss a situation, being able to organize their opponents, and together with them and the West, worthy, and most importantly timely propaganda and military resistance.

But the struggle for Syria lasts, and it is not limited outreach component. In Syria followed by actual military engagements, with all this change the organizational structure of the insurgency. Armed groups opposed to Assad's army did so called Supreme Revolutionary Military Council. This organization, according to supporters of Assad, staffed by Prof. militants came from the adjoining Iraq, by the same robbers who terrorized the country in the period when American troops. Peaceful Syrians say that in addition to religious fanatics, some deserters and traitors in the middle of the so-called assistants opposition in the ranks of the "rebel army" fighting criminals and frank, recently released from prison — the traditional revolutionary situation in the spirit of "Who was nothing will become everything" . Despite the very own weird authority midst of ordinary people, the management of the latter-day Syria, "the Revolutionary Military Council" announced the beginning of a "more organized verbovaniya supporters into the fold" for "the speedy liberation of the country from the regime of Bashar al-Assad."

Speaking about the latest happenings around Syria, related to the veto of the Security Council resolution Russia and China, and the subsequent visit of the Russian delegation to the country, not to mention the fact of the organization of revolutionaries and their sponsors a series of anti-Russian propaganda activities, the aim of which was to demonstrate the "wrath of the Islamic world" in the actions of the Russian Federation on the Syrian track. More natural miscalculation organizers of the "protest" was anti-Russian action in Tripoli on February 5. Recall that in this case "representatives of the Syrian community in Libya" and their supporters staged at the Libyan embassy area RF mini-mayhem, culminating in the descent Russian flag.

So, Russia tried to intimidate, acting as a hooligan and okolodiplomaticheskimi ways, but in both cases — the parade and the only purpose — to cast swing capability RF provide own decisive contribution to the stabilization of the situation in Syria and immediately confirm their own authority in the region.

But the "expectations" of the West, artfully expressed by many officials from NATO countries and representatives of the Arab monarchies, namely Qatar and Saudi Arabia, were not realized: Lavrov tried to persuade Assad to leave, as it is "hoped" the Anglo-Saxons. Instead of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the head of Syria assured the Russian delegation to the "full commitment to end violence task," also noted that the draft Constitution, the latest has been completed and soon the country will hold a referendum in which the citizens of Syria without help others will determine what state they live on.

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