Lawyer Sapelka not received a letter from the colony Autuhovich

Why has not received a letter from his lawyer Autukhovich Paul Sapelka? Relatives of Vladimir Osipenko hope that he will be released no later than February 2011. After two days of trial on an activist of "Tell the Truth" by Michael Bashurov.

Paul Sapelka

Not for the first time on the freedom of not receiving messages Autukhovich. At this time, has not received a letter from his client's lawyer Paul Sapelka. According Sapelka, from a telephone conversation with his client, which took place a few days ago, it became known that Avtukhovich another 3 weeks ago, wrote a letter and sent it to him. Ostensibly this was a story about some of the problems of the prisoner, so the administration and held that message suggests Paul Sapelka. This fact was not surprised by counsel, given by He said, relationship Autukhovich and administration Ivatsevichy Colony:

"There are no signatures on the behavior towards correcting it did not give into any section about maintaining discipline in the colony did not come, so — sits like a kid."

According to Paul Sapelka, certain changes in the treatment of Autukhovich who need urgent dental prosthetics, no.

People Osipenko said that it had received from his father, Vladimir Osipenko some reassurance that year, he was cleared by the amnesty. Now the family Osipenko know exactly what my father should release in February of next year, but release may be sooner as parole, says daughter prisoner.

"Parole could be sooner, but it depends on the prison administration. Can and before the new year. How to solve ".

Father concluded Bobruisk colony, entrepreneur Andrei Bondarenko, Valeri Bondarenko does not know his son released from the punishment cell. Last week, Andrei Bondarenko was punished with solitary confinement for 7 days, allegedly for refusing to work. "The son refused to work in manufacturing, where the dangerous gas used fenol" — said Valery Bondarenko. Meanwhile, the administration later this has not recognized and explained the punishment that Andrei Bondarenko allegedly hung over his sleeping place any illegal pictures and portraits. What exactly was broken, Bondarenko father is unknown, as the son of the two weeks of no-mails and calls.

On Monday, Oct. 11, in the Soviet court in Minsk will begin the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashurov, who is suspected of forgery. Activist faces up to five years of restricted freedom. According to lawyer Tamara Sidorenko, Michael Bashura her client to court prepared. Bashura pleaded not guilty. The lawyer said that there was an error when calculating the revenue rather than intentional misrepresentation of credit institutions as a consequence says:

"Bashura says he made a mistake, and this is acceptable. As well, the less would be earnings per certificate, it would be better. And he has a larger income. And the second certificate wages actually everything is not affected. Therefore, we can talk about the error, and I will do it. "

According to the lawyer Tamara Sidorenko, on the conditions of Michael Bashura complained though in his cell at the prison Volodarka twice the beds, and have a rest in turn.

Help Liberty

Entrepreneur of Vawkavysk Autukhovich and former military Vladimir Osipenko, who were accused of plotting a terrorist act against senior officials of his guilt in court is not recognized and stated that they are being persecuted for anti-corruption activities. Both are in custody since February 8, 2009. Autukhovich sentenced to 5 years 2 months in prison for illegal possession of ammunition. Vladimir Osipenko to 3 years for illegal weapons handling. Mikhail Kozlov, who was also convicted in the case, in August, was freed under an amnesty after a year of arrest.

UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko, who was sentenced to 6 years with confiscation of property for the theft of company property, pleads not guilty and explains the persecution in retaliation for participation in the 2008 parliamentary elections.

An activist of the "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura arrested Aug. 6 and held in Zhodino prison on charges of re-forging documents to obtain credit, which threatens him with five years of detention. Bashura Michael says he does not forged, and just made a mistake in calculating their income. Colleagues of the "Tell the Truth" speak about the political nature of the persecution of Mikhail Bashura.



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