Libyan authorities do not know anything about what he had found in Libya, Churkin

Libyan authorities do not know anything about what he had discovered in Libya ChurkinAs reported by RIA "Novosti", the head of Libya's NTC Abdel Rahim Al-Kib refuted the allegations of the existence of Libya of a training center for the Syrian revolutionaries. This is Al-Kib told reporters after a meeting with Hillary Clinton.

The head of the Libyan revolutionary government, said: "With regard to these training camps, I do not know." Then he expressed surprise, as if something can exist without his knowledge.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, unchanged representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that before sending the opposition in Syria are being trained in Libya — In a country where not so long ago, was overthrown and killed Gaddafi.

Churkin said that the Russian Federation alarmed by the information on the development of a Libya training center for militants operating against the Syrian government. According to V. Churkin, center This created with the support of the Libyan authorities. Recall that on the same day with al-Kibum held talks Barack Obama.

Russia's permanent representative to the UN said that by the standards of international law, this is unacceptable. A similar activity, in his view, undermine efforts to promote stability in the Middle East.

For a whole year is a confrontation between Syria government forces and the opposition. According to the United Nations, the country lost about 5 and a half thousand civilians. In addition, the killing of more than 2-thousand troops and police.

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