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On the day of the tenth anniversary of the death of his wife in an apartment in Poltava pensioner suffered a strange fire

On the morning of Nicholas Bilichenko went to the grave of his wife. And after dinner went to the market. Was out on the strength of one and a half hours.

And then a neighbor calls to mobile, "Your apartment is on fire!".

Firefighters quickly dealt with the fire. And dumbfounded: sooty smoke on the living room wall loomed a clear image of the Blessed Virgin.
— Most often, I now ask if there were any drawings under the wallpaper, — says 69-year-old Nicholas Bilichenko.

— No, I answer. This apartment my wife and I received 44 years ago, and apart from us no one lived here. And I immediately realized that the image of the Virgin on the wall manifested itself was in shock. A fire began to shoot the image on mobile phones. How to explain a miracle? People think that it's late wife sent me a sign.

— We are constantly poked fun at unnecessary precaution father — smiling daughter Natasha Nicholas Roerich.
— Wherever he absented himself, always overlaps the taps and plugs pulled out of the sockets — say, in the network happen surges. And here for the first time, perhaps, left the house, leaving the TV into the power socket.
— They say the apartment burn for half an hour, and then even wooden chairs standing against the wall, on which appeared the face, remained intact — surprised Natalia.

— The wallpaper in the living room were olive green with gold-plated, and have turned to black. And just look, like the Virgin, by contrast, has brightened. Now its shape glitter — "gold dust" remained.

Comment specialist

Constantine Ostroushko, a priest of the Holy Dormition Cathedral in Poltava:

— God sometimes sends such signs, which indicates that a special favor to the people. Most often that they think about their soul, changed their lives, come to God. Determine which image appeared on the wall after a fire, should the commission of priests, if the landlord requests it to the highest Orthodox clergymen.

Marina Kravchenko

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