Little Johnny and the essay, What if the Germans were defeated in the war?

Little Johnny and the essay, "What if the Germans had won the war?"Subject writings, this teacher was extraordinary, unusual even faster, "What if the Germans were defeated in the war?".

Little Johnny strain your imagination and ground his pen. How unfortunate it did not sound, leaving a terrible incredible list of absurdities. In Russia itself could not happen. Why, and defeated in the end not the Germans.

1. Industry in the country is virtually no remains, the occupants will be concerned only pump out the natural resources of our territories.

2. At each exit of the town police officers will inspect those going to leave or arrive. Each inmate will be regitsja the police in the community.

3. All know will ride only on dark German cars with sirens. Ordinary people during the drive will need to be cut and run to the sidelines and wait until will pass.

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4. To maintain feral create terror squads of mountain people. They will sometimes attack the local population, rob and kill.

5. Gain the rulers of the local inhabitants particularly vile. Kids and spouses rulers will live abroad for safety. And do they take turns here on a rotational method.

6. Instead of the popular will of the people police policemen of the rabble, they will be very much, and people they will be more afraid of bandits.

7. Most are popular doctrine of total despair will eventually become fascism. Only Russian

8. German products are considered the best in Russia and the most precious.

9. President of the German-would read a lot better than in Russian.

10. Instead of vodka everywhere will promote and sell beer, as in Germany.

11. Those who waged war against the Germans, will receive a pittance, and in prazdnichkom poor rations.

12. Killed in the war Russian buried in mass graves, just to mention something burial.

13. Most of the male population will pass through the camp. To break the will to resist.

14. Teachers and doctors in the occupied territories will receive the content at a minimum, just to population decreased and oskotinivalos not very fast.

15. On the outlying RF, type of Primorye, can be saved by partisans. They will attack the policemen, but the downtrodden population to help them would be no.

16. The roads will not be built, and will make more expensive gasoline to people was sitting at home.

17. The gun people will be strictly prohibited from having to suddenly rebelled.

18. For the life of the population will set up a cheap barracks with low ceilings, and 8 meters per person.

19. The most agile and intelligent will allow to leave and live abroad, this will be a huge success topical.

20. The main opponent RF declare America and the Jews. "

Vera long pondered the assessment. And ultimately put Vovochke three for a decent fantasy.

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