Little to moderate the tone to win a pause

During a briefing for reporters Belarusian head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Naryshkin said that Moscow will continue to communicate with Alexander Lukashenko as he senses and will no longer harm bilateral relations. What lies behind these statements?

The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Naryshkin, it is important that the Belarusian government was conscious of its steps aimed at discrediting the Belarusian-Russian relations. Like, if awareness happens, Russia will also go towards. Commenting on this statement, a political scientist Alexander Klaskouski said Mr. Naryshkin — is not a politician, not an independent figure, and the mouthpiece of the Kremlin.

Alexander Klaskouski

"I do not think that these statements Naryshkin indicate a cardinal change in the Kremlin line Belarusian issue. This is purely tactical and public relations statements. First, the Kremlin sees that very soon to break the resistance of the current Belarusian ruler he can not and so it's worth a little moderate tone to win a break. And the second problem — pure public relations: work out to the electorate. So that later, when the new round showdown, could say, see, we are here to make a gesture, but the Belarusian side would not listen. "

According Klaskouski, the new price tags on the gas can be a cause for further conflict between the official Minsk and the Kremlin.

"Appeal to the so-called fraternal integration would be possible only in one case: if returned to Russia earlier generous preferences. She is not ready for this. The other option is not acceptable for the Belarusian side. "

Anatoly Lebedko

According to the chairman of the UCP Anatoly Lebedko, In this case, the function of Naryshkin "good" cop. But his position is lower than that of those who perform the function of "bad" cop.

"But in any case, Alexander G. — in the form of the defendant. This rhetoric, and its mitigation in a sense necessary because, among other things, an economy, humanitarian sphere, and here be relationship. But that does not mean any change in the policy of the Kremlin. Apparently, if Lukashenko fulfill his promise when he said that he is ready to crawl on my knees to Moscow — if he sells this script and creep distance of at least between Minsk and Smolensk — then, maybe, and something will change. "

Kirill Koktysh

Moscow political analyst Kirill Koktysh notes that the statements Naryshkin suggests that "is some kind of fight at the top."

"This is a marker that there are different trends, different trends. A few days before the resignation of Luzhkov's administration sounded contradictory statements. From the fact that the Kremlin is to step back, and will not touch Luzhkov, and all questions are removed, — to the opposite, that everything will continue. So there's some fight in the lobby goes, but I did not come from the fact that this is the only possible reality. "



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