Look for a professional lighting Syrian conflict Russian media technologies and an explanation of Arab revolutions

Expert opinion on the coverage of the Syrian conflict, the Russian media and technology explanation Arab revolutionsThe wave of Arab revolutions, which carries the global political and social upheaval, now came up to Syria, is now one of the most popular topics, which received a lot of places in the Russian information space. But, as it happens, sometimes puzzling. If relatively recently to the Russian reader and listener was quite obvious that another coup, he happen in Syria, catalyzes a very bad processes in the near future the Russian media has served extensive outlook of the opposition, increasing compassion for the cause of the "Arab Spring" in the media the audience. If ultraliberal will refute wimp just think about it for a special regime of course, that the stability of Syria and is also linked to the issue of security of our country. "Russian Journal" has addressed specifically to this person to explain the essence of the situation.

Vyacheslav Matuzov, president of the Society of Friendship and Business Cooperation with the Arab countries is very necessary professional on the Middle East, namely the Syrian issue. Both Arab and South American TV stations are turning to it when you need a reasoned outlook, based on a narrow knowledge of the subject and the specificity of diplomatic work. This is Vyacheslav Nikolaevich not take away 20 years, he was engaged in the Middle East in the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU, 5 years was the cultural attache in Lebanon, was an advisor to the Russian Embassy in Washington, led a group of Arab-Israeli negotiations. He carefully told, "Bulletin of the Russian" about information sabotage in Russian media about the background of the conflict and the Syrian Arab revolutions of technology.

— As set your position is consistent with the official position of the country?
— I have received in recent years, a rare opportunity to perform in the global media disk imaging is not because I myself aspire to it, as well as the media themselves are turning to me with the request. This South American Arabic-language TV channel "Al-Hurra" Qatari "Al-Jazeera", the Saudi TV channel "Arabia", the municipal TV stations Syria. Also, a number of channels from Tehran in Arabic and British languages.

Just for today I have 447 performances, of which 141 — direct outs on the air, including discussions with high-ranking South American diplomats at the level of Deputy Secretary of State. According to the "Jazeera" was a debate with John McCain — Senator and former presidential candidate of the United States, the other opponent — David Pollack — last military analyst white houses, the State Department expert, now — working at the Washington Institute for Near East research (funded by the US-Israel Committee AIPAK ), a leading South American analytical center on the Near and Middle East.

All the speeches in front of TV viewers worldwide require me to express the position of Russian Federation as well as the world needs far beyond my personal point of view, he needs the position of the Russian Federation, Russian control. Specifically I see this as their goal — the need to convey the true position of their own country to Arab viewers and radio listeners.

For this we have not come out of the web, keeping track of all the official statements by the Minister of foreign affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or speech of the President of our country. Certainly, as a person not associated with municipal agencies, I would read everything I would think, right up to the mind-blowing kakih-nibud conspiracy theories, but I see my reflection in the puzzle specifically the real position of Russia, which, by the way, until December 2011 I myself had to understand, then to understand and clearly lay out. After all, before the moment of the country's position was simply not always true pronounced, and sometimes blurred: the website MFA one piece of information, and along with it — statements by officials such as Misha Margelov — Special Presidential Envoy for Africa — absolutely contrasting with the position Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This discordance was intolerable. After all, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the President's administration should be managed with 2 factors: the national security of the Russian Federation and the national interests of the Russian Federation at the global level. If they deviate from this course, they do not protect the national interests of the country. At that time, I started from their own current and Prof. expertise to identify these interests. Then I beheld that the Foreign Ministry is exactly this position. For me, it meant one thing — the official assessment of the situation in the region are built on the basis of those same principles that guided myself.

Some just magic, one might say, was published in December 2011, when I started to manifest true Russian foreign policy line on major issues took a back seat Controversy politically biased figures put out by the Western media, but the real role of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation noticeable "alive." Apparently, this is due to a clear indication of the political course of the country, when it became clear that the VV Putin becomes President of the country, and what exactly it will determine the foreign policy of the Russian Federation.

But the struggle for the Russian position as there was, and continues to go at the moment. U.S. is now realized that the UN Security Council Libyan option on Syria fails, in other words, our motherland will not repeat that imprudent step, which was admitted as we missed the UN Security Council resolution number 1973 of 17 March 2011 authorizing a military intervention foreign countries in the civilian war in Libya. Then step away from the open door of veto to defeat the independent state of NATO forces. Then we have the highest level of endorsement of this error, but the train, as they say, gone. With Syria, this factor has been virtually leveled.

"Maps of Ralph Peters' — boundaries of" New Huge Near East "

Expert opinion on the coverage of the Syrian conflict, the Russian media and technology explanation Arab revolutions
So looks the Middle East today …

— Now we can identify the current position of the Russian Federation?

— As correctly noted by Sergey Lavrov, not local, not regional discrepancy, it is a global problem of restructuring the world order in the XXI century. If we allow just relaxed to tear the country — one of the most influential in the Middle East — with her having cost-based international law and the UN Charter, and on the basis of the law of the jungle, we can put an end to all activities of the United Nations. Official position RF is based on the avoidance of interference in the internal affairs of Syria, is not only a military intervention. After all, it is also a political and media interventions. Washington currently relies on the demand regime change in Syria and r
emoval capabilities with President Bashar al-Assad.

At the same time, even the South American think tanks such as Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting Inc. — South American private intelligence and research company. — Ed.), And a "shadow CIA", sees the background of what is happening closer to reality. His manager, George Friedman — one of those analysts, whose services are used naikrupneyshie South American companies and the government — wrote in a recent article that the Syrian authorities are relying on the support of the people, and without that support it would have long been toppled. And it recognizes naikrupneyshy analyst USA! Then the question arises: who is fighting this regime in Syria, which stands for the majority of the people, on the basis of which rights are the supply of arms and the Syrian opposition is an information war against the government?
When uchastvuesh in passing, confronted with the dominance of crying, the roar of genocide and accusations of the address of the Syrian authorities. Although the set is really fundamentally alike, who kills the people who cuts the baby's head and the ladies in the village of Hula near Homs? This is obviously not the government troops. But the sins of America and individually Hillary Clinton trying to impose on the Syrian government. This is an open terrible heresy.

Expert opinion on the coverage of the Syrian conflict, the Russian media and technology explanation Arab revolutions
And … what it will look after the "Arab revolutions"

As demonstrated by recent debates on all channels from the "Jazeera" to the BBC and BBC America's "Hurra", at the present moment is all in quivering anticipation of what was about to change our homeland own approach to the Syrian subject — agree with the reasoning of the Yankees and join request removal of Bashar al-Assad of Syria to agree to overthrow the regime. There is an obvious attempt to external pressure on the Russian administration, argued that it is impossible to spoil things with the U.S. administration because of Syria, it pushes Russia not only from the West, and the Tipo from the Arab world, as it supports the "losers" — losing side as Muammar Gaddafi or Bashar al-Assad, and to maintain relations with the Arab countries it needs to urgently review their eyes, to recognize the claim to power of Islamic fundamentalists in Syria. And this propaganda campaign meets with no resistance on the external information field. Enormous pressure on the outside! I can give the most courageous position of the highest ratings of the presidential administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, our representative in the UN Security Council Vitaly Churkin, who makes the right instructions from the Secretary and the President, speaking or voting on the subject. This is a highly professional job, obmyslennaya from the perspective of the development of the situation in the Middle East, and in conjunction with the global development.

— Let's still more precise for those who are not aware of why the Russian Federation to profitably maintain stability in Syria?

— This is a very important question, because we are trying to blame the fact that the reason for our support of the Syrian regime lies in the rapacious economic interests in the contracts for which our homeland insists on his position. Already encountered such an approach: if so, then it is necessary to get — to offer other contracts in the military field, for example, purchasing guns Gulf countries on condition that she moved away from Syria and left her America. As they say on a naval base in Tartus, which can be saved only by the Assad regime.

All these slanders I will say one thing: we now have the Russian Federation without severe economic interests in the Middle East. They were at the time of the Union of Russian, but not at the moment. But we have direct geopolitical interests, based on the protection of national security all over the southern border — from Sochi to the Altai Mountains. Our business with the same Syria in the field of military-technical cooperation are built to a large degree on the principle of real benefit, although the principle is the nuance and the return of previous loans and debts: the Syrians have us huge amounts of money.

We have no real income from Syria do not have, it's not an oil country. When we talk about the naval base, I remember: in the Russian Federation now, except Sevastopol, overseas there are no bases — no sea or air or land. We walked away from the content of military bases: closed base in Lourdes, Cuba, closed base in Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam, we have put in their time in Somalia. The Horn of Africa, we had one of the strongest bases, which controlled the Indian Ocean. But at the moment we do not have bases.

In military cooperation with Syria, we have a service location for our mother ship — dock, standing on the roads in the Syrian port of Tartus. There is, in fact Syrian naval base, and we have — just a point of logistics for the sailing ships of the Russian Navy.

Back in the times of our Russian ships used not only PMTO Tartus. According to international law military vessels can enter the harbor at least some Mediterranean, and we often used the port of pro-US countries such as Tunisia and Bizerte, we also had a point of technical support where we replenish supplies of goods, water, sailors went ashore . This is an ordinary international practice, which does not need to have a military base. In other words, what we have in Syria, close to the services and can provide at least some other government, as, for example, not so long ago it was in Italy. Because when they say to us, that we cling to the naval base, it is heresy and innuendo.

All the rhetoric is reduced to charges of in the external policy and cynical attempts to influence the Arab manage to convince: one can not hope for Russia — it will throw you tomorrow and sell. But the issues that are currently settled in Syria, is very far from a purely economic interests. This is not the eastern market! This is a public safety Russian Federation. When we advocate for the preservation of the Assad regime, we proceed from an entirely different principles, what is very true to the same conference said the minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov: Our homeland does not protect the regime of President Syria — Our homeland protects existing international law, as if it will be destroyed, the world is plunged into chaos and be administered only by the law of force.

This applies not only to Syria, and to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which is currently an obvious advocate of war. In reality, all the countries of the region are already lined up, and tomorrow, after Syria, and their turn will come. I see only one justification for the favorites of Arab States: they are under the sword of Damocles of the U.S. — fear and try to curry favor with the Yankees in order to save their necks. That's why now the Arab League of the organization that protects the interests of the Arabs, actually ran across in the hands of the Yankees and turned into an instrument of U.S. policy in the Middle East — it is of course.

Because this is a bitter struggle for the solution of, for its position. If she does not approve of military action against Syria Yankees in the UN Security Council, I think that they will not go around, as this will be a severe challenge not only of the Russian Federation, and Chin
a, and the countries of the SCO. It will be a challenge and the destruction of existing norms of international law and the whole system of international relations. They undermine their secret, but they do it openly, in my opinion, just not ready. Tough stance of Moscow — is the main brake South American tyranny in the Middle East.

— Of course, this is a serious conflict of international level, and adequate media coverage just need disk imaging. What is your assessment of the Russian media in this regard?

— Syrian subject to a certain point very occasionally surfaced, and suddenly, with the month of June, almost meeting the other day-20 in Mexico, as if on cue, at once, all channels simultaneously arrange a talk show on the subject. The first channel — "In the context of" Maxim Shevchenko, the third channel — Roman Babayan organize the same debate, "Duel" on RTR — Nikolai Svanidze and Dmitry Kiselev.

When I look at all of this, I covers nightmare from happening! I see Svanidze shop our analysts, on the side of Kiseleva — second, where sits Prokhanov, Anastasia Popova and another member of the Caucasian republic. There's generally speaking the right things, but the most important thing I see on the back side! Jora Mirsky — is the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RAS, Alexander Shumilin — it's U.S. and Canada Institute, director of the Analysis of Middle East conflict, yet the browser "Moscow News" Lena Suponina and Zlobin — Director of Russian and Asian programs at the World Security Institute, USA.

It is clear that on this issue all the contradictions are on the strip section of Russia's position and the position of America. Because now everything depends on what store you're sitting — next to Zlobin either Prokhanov. And now I see that with the South American analyst Zlobin settled Mirsky, Vladimir Akhmedov of the Institute of Oriental Studies, a think-tanks are employees of the country's Russian Russian Academy! When I listen to them speak on our TV channels, I see the American neoconservatives, frantically demanding regime change in Syria.

I wonder: pochetaemye scientists, analysts, political scientists who receive salaries of municipal pockets, and you will at least understand the policy of our country? Who has permitted you to fight with the foreign policy of the Russian Federation on Russian TV channels, and also to protect the line and the strategic position of the United States of America, with which our country has faced head-on in the international arena? If you do not agree with the position of the President and the Russian Foreign Ministry, please turn in their certificates of employees of the Academy of Political Science and join in the free activities! But if you stay, and are fighting with their state — it's immoral, unacceptable. If someone in the U.S. think tank funded by the state, has permitted to speak out against U.S. policies, such centers could be likely closed, and these people there would not be. The South American government is staring as municipal funds are spent. I feel that we have this control on the part of the country is lost completely.

I'm amazed when Vladimir Akhmedov — a senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies — the first municipal channel openly declares: I absolutely do not agree with the foreign policy position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. How to realize it? As part of the discussion in the closed circle of professionals he can express any — the most fantastic — theories that later as the Council may make out or severing respective department. But when the national news as the devil-the-box, popping up these worldly, Akhmetov Shumilina and begin their their point of view as a major issue, and there is no nomination, ask yourself the question: where is the official position of the Russian Federation?

For all the time I have heard only one sentence Vyacheslav Nikonov, which nevertheless said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports — very gently and carefully. We can invite Nikolai Zlobin, which faithfully and clearly stated the position of the United States, if you need more hard-line, you can connect by video link Dmitri Simes or Ariel Cohen, as did Maxim Shevchenko. But why Russian experts at lighting instead of the position of our foreign minister engaged in the protection of American interests? All of this scale spills on the heads of Russian television viewers, who are enthusiastic gaze political debate. After listening to the presentations, they will see that most of the professionals in the Middle East and support the shared South American approach.

In addition, I do not understand why so intensely the right to vote the Syrian opposition who are in Moscow? There are a few Arabic names that do not go on television, moving from the 1st channel to another. This Syrians, Egyptians — the Arabs, who have Russian passports, work in media outlets or simply come as representatives of the opposition. They are given the widest exit through the media, which further increases the disorientation of the Russian public.

In my opinion, there's obviously not a good role is also played by RIA and announcements. From late May to June, all the "round tables" going there, going to the same people who set out one and the same concept, including opposing foreign bands of. Namely, a teleconference was held with Beijing, where they met the experts at the Institute of Oriental RF and China. Moscow and Beijing — allies in the confrontation between the United States on the Syrian issue. The two countries coordinate their actions at the level of Heads of State. And then on platform RIA Announcements researchers of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian live the Chinese claim that the regime of Bashar al-Assad has exhausted itself, and he will fall in the coming two weeks. That was two months back. They pronounced the same plaintext: Assad — Teran, and it must immediately remove from office. The president is trying to coordinate the foreign policy of the Russian Federation and China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs arranges regular consultations for the creation of a greater resistance to the international negotiations, and our research and analysis centers in cooperation with the media are just a subversion of our foreign policy.

I have a question arises: how can we pay for these analysts, if they work in favor of a foreign country, and myself — the United States of America? Institute of USA and Canada, the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Institute of Oriental Studies — I tried to find a positive, but failed.

I remember a fascinating conversation with a South American TV channel "Al-Hurra". I lured Syrian state television from 12 to one in the morning, I gave consent. They rented a studio where I needed to drive. At exactly the same time, "Hurra" invites me to the "Hour of Freedom", and I say that I have the ability, as already agreed to speak on Syrian television. What do they ask, "Tell me, sir Matuzov, who was still in Moscow can truly and clearly lay out the official views of the Russian nation?"

They needed no hangers-on, and analysts, reflecting the position of Russia. Naturally, they can read the statements of the official dealer Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich — here everything is clear. But for live need someone who can explain it, it does not for the Yankees, and in the South American television stations to put this information in the Arab world — those broadcasts in Arabic. They could not find such people in Moscow! All of this is our political science, analytical pseudo-scientific audience reflects the strategy of the United States. But the Yankees have enough of their own own analysts for discussion they need not pro-American, and Russian approach. And it they can not f
ind in Russia.

As it turns out that the special envoy of the President of the Russian Federation Mikhail Margelov arrived in Benghazi and declares that he is running errands DA Medvedev, will act as a mediator between the opposition and the authorities? With all this, he says that he was delighted, as are all groomed, which educated and intelligent people greeted him at the airport, utters the phrase: "Gaddafi's regime has outlived its usefulness." And then he has to go to Gaddafi and negotiate with him … Muammar Gaddafi, of course, refuses — just do not perceive Margelov. But the other day Lavrov openly stated that our homeland will not act as a mediator, she relies on African Alliance and will support it in mediation. That's amateurism in foreign policy is one of the most unsafe phenomena of our time. By the way, the Syrians refused to receive the delegation of the Federation Council, which was going to lead Margelov, as I said, one of the Syrian representatives in Moscow. Were sent to other people, and the trip went very productive.

— Means other than a negligent of the media and professionals, you can read about some official faces?

— They are referring to the opportunities, lead line, which undermines the activities of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This causes tremendous harm to Russia. I run into this every day. Every dissonance with our official position is fixed by Western media info and here reflects new questions to me as a person representing this position. Because I'm almost at the point of the conflict. Accounts directly and openly state that these people do not represent the official position of the Russian Federation, in spite of all occupied the highest positions and posts. If you want to know this position — please visit the website of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But, unfortunately, there to the nearest time, too, was not so simple: you have to read carefully, aware of diplomatic language, to ponder that for a little interest to the general public. With the new year, the situation obviously changed in favor of. All the same, it is necessary to give detailed political commentary with generalizations and explanations, as we have it is not one hundred percent.

I have questions: what purpose was turning said shaft talk show on the subject and actions leading think tanks and political circles? What lies behind this opposition to our municipal course? Could this be the opposition without any controls, or is it appears spontaneously? After all, if these people up the guts to subvert the provisions adopted by the management of the country's course, means something is hidden behind this. What forces determine this point of view? The answer to this question I can not give, I just called the address and let them make the generalization of the Federal Security Service and the structures that are responsible for the information work in the foreign policy area. I feel the presence of opposition, but to determine the source should not I, but the appropriate authorities.

I remember Maxim Shevchenko asked me to pass "in context" for exactly a day before the recording — in the morning. I warned that if it again "bazaar", which sits 14-15 people, and my voice will not be heard, I will not participate. It turned out to be 2-4 people, the hour-programm — in general, a suitable format. And at 23.30 I call back a representative of the channel and reported: "The list of program participants underwent review by the Office of the First Channel, and you, sir Matuzov, deleted from it." In other words, some people with certain gaze on the Syrian issue have changed. I know that the Syrian ambassador also invited to take part in this program, but when he learned that there he will come into the fight with the Syrian oppozitsirnerami live, he simply refused.

All this is not the case. Information shaft coming from the Russian TV channels from RIA Announcements and other agencies — is an attempt to influence the position control of the country, and he was held for almost a few days before the meeting VV Putin and Barack Obama in Mexico. Accident? It's unlikely. In fact, it is not designed for the masses, specifically the fact to reverse the current foreign policy of the Russian Federation. It is one hundred percent the same as the requirements that we hear from Hillary Clinton or the Syrian opposition. This work is in the interests of a foreign country — namely, the United States of America.

— What steps should make the management of the country to deal with this difficulty?

— In my opinion, it is necessary to put forward the demand to our TV channels to news agencies, so that they corresponded to the overall direction of Russian foreign policy settings control. If our home is in a hard confrontation with the United States on the world stage — the UN Security Council on Syria at the IAEA on Iran's topic — that is why we have these areas remain completely free to interpret? Let's say, a columnist of "Kommersant-FM" Konstantin Eggert, who has positioned himself as an expert on the Middle East (I personally do not consider it in this category), has the moral right to read whatever he wants, he is independent of the country's journalists. And if the first channel has invited him to speak — how a certain person with a certain attitude. But if you are invited specialists from the Institute of USA and Canada, the Institute of Oriental Studies, the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, then they should reflect his own official position and present the official line of, and not protivostyat her.

— Vorachivayas specifically to the position of the United States, I would like to mention defamation related to Russian E & P in Tartus. It seems that Hillary Clinton has announced the deployment of an entire division of Russian marines …

— In the South American influence on Arab public opinion the main direction is to settle: Our homeland is in the interests of Syria, some severe, which determined its support for the existing regime. Their thesis is one: the regime overthrown the Syrian people and our homeland clings to the dictatorial regime for their own benefit. To fix this "mercantile interests of Russia," they emphasize peace Tipo military bases, military-technical cooperation, etc. How much do I have to fend off accusations, as if the poor Syrian kids, old men and women killed Russian weapon! "You, Russian, partners bloodshed, you — offenders potvorschiki genocide!" — They cry.

At the moment the web "walks" a powerful hour program from channel "Jazeera", where my opponent was the last assistant Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Abdul Jalil al-Saeed, now fled to Qatar. It was Straseni, what nasty accusations in the address of the Russian Federation has fallen off this past religious servant! The story of my conversation with Sheikh al-Jalil translated into Russian Americans — we have no one lifted a finger. But what made the South American Translators? Cut out all my counterarguments, leaving only the naked allegations that reached bullying. But they have not figured out that it worked against them the same way as a normal population of his words and manner are not accepted.

"Russian to kill, cut! The Russian base in Tartus and all of Russia in Syria will be a target of the liberation army. Our homeland is crushed by the Islamic world "- roughly the abstracts were heard from him.

I was just reminded that our military-technical cooperation with Syria did not start now, and in July of 1967. And what criteria? The war, anger Israel against the Arab states. The West does not give a single cartridge, and manages to survive only because of our support. In 1973, when Israel bombards Damascus, and only our missile defense bailed out when the city from the air raids. 1982 — invasion of Lebanon, a
nd again protects our gun.

Yes, we supplied the gun, but what? In case you get into NATO Syria, their has advanced missiles, which are not present in the Turks nor the Yankees, such as coastal defense system "Bastion", which is not allowed any missiles or aircraft or ships closer to the Syrian coast. Or anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk" and "Thor", providing air defense. It is a tool to guarantee national security and sovereignty of the country. As correctly noted by Sergey Lavrov, Our homeland does not provide a tool to deal with the demonstrators.

But America was flooded with all the countries of the Persian Gulf by police agents of oppression demonstrations. And with all this, they are also trying to arrange a situation so that our Marines have landed in Tartus, allegedly for the oppression of popular uprisings.

— Turning to the U.S. strategy in general, is it possible to consider a specific scenario of the situation in the Middle East, according to their calculations?

— We generally can not be considered in isolation theme Syrian geopolitical plans of the United States. If we approach this conflict parochial: to be Bashar al-Assad or not to be, we will go into the maze of small contradictions, of which an unlimited number inside Syria, as in at least some other country. We lose sight of the big question: who manipulate these processes, which are made for the sake of these Arab revolutions? A sense of one: to perform certain geopolitical plans of U.S. foreign policy.

These plans are available from the time of State Condoleezza Rice and George W. Bush, and focused on the creation of a "Greater Near East", which is confirmed cards military analyst Ralph Peters (ex-employee of the State Military Academy, USA), where is there a complete redrawing of municipal boundaries of the region in accordance with the ethnic groups in different countries. A new boundaries — this years new bloodshed might be unusual since the Middle Ages.

— Are there certain forward in the worst case? Which of the states supporting the South American line can be followed?
— The difficult situation in Saudi Arabia, where the government is seriously ill, and the two successor had already died. Rivals unlimited, built up the struggle for power, but the country divided into three regions. How to display maps a retired lieutenant colonel Peters, in the not to distant future, Saudi Arabia will be divided into three countries. The entire east coast will be the Shiite government. There also comes Kuwait, Bahrain, and southern regions of Iraq and Iran, populated by Arabs — the oil-bearing. All of this is planned as part of the future of the country with its capital in Basra. In other words, the border reformatted along ethnic and religious principles. While created Arab Shiite country, is now the ruling Sunni vahhbity remain in the wilderness, cut off from the east coast and oil resources, doomed to wandering life. The west coast of Saudi Arabia — Mecca and Medina — are similar to the Vatican as an independent state — a place of worship and pilgrimage for all Muslims. Saudi Arabia itself as a sovereign government disappears. This is the vision of the future of this South American country.

Iraq shatters into pieces. Already mentioned the southern government with the center in Basra, joined by Saudi and Iranian oil-bearing areas. Center — cut off from the sea part of the Sunni, and the northern part — Kurdistan, which already has a real economic independence: it does not share their oil revenues with the government. And on this map of Kurdistan by the Turkish countryside gets access to the Black Sea. This is a sleeve that captures the Turkish city of Diyar Bakir, where the South American military base, and extends to the border with Georgia.

Syria to agree with these ideas, having lost control of the state, lost in anarchy, civil strife, out of them, having lost all the Mediterranean coast, which extends to Bolshennomu Lebanon. Cruelest reformatting are Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan …
All of this can be attributed to the fantastic ideas mad colonel, if his work did not become one of the basic training materials for educational institutions of NATO. And 10 years ago, when the Turkish officers that are on retraining in Italy, have seen these manuals, a scandal broke out. It's all part of the U.S. strategy to create a "Greater Near East" of which Condoleezza Rice referred to the period when the United States during the month of blocking discussion anger Israel against Lebanon in the UN Security Council. She then uttered the historic phrase that in the fire of the Israeli war against terrorism in Lebanon comes a new Greater Middle East.

— New frontiers are aimed, first, at the oil fields?

— You know, all very intriguing attributed to purely economic enthusiasm. I see here another nuance, because the Americans were already long been kept under control all the resources Near East at the expense of the oil companies. Even in the days of Saddam Hussein's Iraqi oil went to the United States. Because it is specifically about the geopolitical goals of the United States.

What happens as a result of implementation of this strategy? To power all over the region come to the Islamic fundamentalists. This great Islamic Caliphate constructed under the "Muslim Brotherhood" — radicals, which in 1930 coordinated by the British at first, and then by U.S. intelligence. Then they created a religious barrier against world communism, centered in Egypt, but later spread to various Arab countries and compete with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Because to replace all fallen regimes will come one power-driven from behind the scenes Yankees.

I researched biography of the new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi: 10 years he was trained in the United States. His two daughters are also trained in the U.S. and at the present time there are. Once, during a conference in Qatar for a week I had lunch with today's president of Tunisia Marzouki and local favorite "Muslim Brotherhood" Ghannouchi. I looked at these Islamists and thought: what are the Islamists? Rachid Ghannouchi — a purely secular people. And he has two daughters studying medicine at the Canadian Institute.

All these games are religious fundamentalists — controlled operation to control. Then this Islamic factor can be induced to Central Asia, at the same time touch our Caucasus. But, first, to countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. This is not the domination of oil resources and economic ties, and global strategic tasks.

By creating a lobby in the Arab world, America is now relaxed to allow myself to make so called revolution, and in fact — coups, focusing on his massive economic presence in the region. No Arab revolution does not exist — there is a program that will develop the Global South American entities led by the neo-conservatives (and it is — a real Jewish lobby in the U.S. is led by the French press), global corporations, led by Baron Rothschild, which involved all naikrupneyshie international companies, such as Google , MacDonald's, American Airlines, and 20 schools, in public for 6-7 years has trained many 10's favorites Arab "revolutionaries." This painstakingly obmyslennaya development organization of political upheaval that led to the movement of the entire Arab world, resulting in power in these countries come to the Islamic fundamentalists, controlled by the CIA.

Do not rule out that Barak himself Deception can be very far from the plans. Who are the threads of control, we can just figure out a close reading materials on the Web. Only our analysts that, apparently, just do not do. Apparently, they are faced with other tasks.

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