Luster and anguish of Mr. Stotz in Belarusian Mitkovschina


8 years ago, solid German businessman Stotz to promote their agricultural machinery decided prainvestavats yes to infiltrate one of the Belarusian economy. The choice fell in Orsha district, where the newly-born foreign production and trade unitary enterprise "Stotz Agro-service" leased 3,000 hectares of land backward kolkhoz Chapayeva. After the purchase and gave the farm production workshops. At the beginning of Herr Stotz shocked the local vertikalschikov thesis — "Give me the economic freedom, and millions of workers will receive." Of the former collective farmers gathered in hundreds of neoplasms the most "intelligent". After european office opened in the Central Mitkovschina. The village with very few people remember what time was geographically and historically divided into three parts, which at a great distance from each other. Something I explained Mrs. Galina Sedukova, that 20 years was director of the Palace of Culture.

Reporter: "Where division of Malaya, and the Great Central Mitkovschina?"

Sedukova"The division into torture chambers was30th year. In the Big Mitkovschina castle was, like, through the crack under the ground left. Minor — the most remote … "

The first to be met in the Great Mitkovschina was 76-year-old former mechanic and the first head of the workshops in the enterprise Stotz, Mr. Vasily Bulanok. He did, so to speak, historical introduction to the subject.

Bulanok"This is a foreign company, hold people to serve others who work where — who have gone on breeding complex in the" Lighthouse of the commune "in the village Kupevka. At first, the Germans have shown how to work — no shoots no choice but processed all of the pieces of land. German machinery immediately went — tractor "Steiger" with10-meter cultivators, seeders better than ours. Immediately paid to us as the collective farmers, after the euro brands. Stotz — host, here takes the head. Prepared by farm on 300 000 milkers, and with him — at500-600. The euro gave me his old, they lie on a rainy day … "(Laughs)

Skirovvaemsya on Central Mitkovschina, where he lives and works most of the population. On the way, saw a woman in a padded jacket on acres along the road dripping potatoes. Helped two children. Seeking to37-year-old milkmaid Valentina Sedukovay, which also works by Stotz base. Prior to that, a few years has been on the farm. So I have the opportunity to ask:

Reporter"What is fundamentally different job in the company of the German market farm?"

Valentina"Now the salary — 600. In the farm from 4am to milk maids worked nights. And now stand at 4 and 12:30, and after perazmenka — comes second shift. And I work telyatnitsy morning from 8 to 10, then lunch 3:00, and from 13 to 18. Working day — no more than 7 hours. Cows being kicked — feed drive up, hand, padgortvaem. Small cells are tsyalyatachki outside. 4 months ago went to pay for the weight. Here no one makes work 12 hours a week. A lot of sand manure pits with manure — all absorbed. Detergents are allocated, spetsadenne, boots … "

Reporter"And yet there is something you need from the host German?"

Valentina"No, I have a flat, kids, 4 weekend with them in a month …"

In the center of Mitkovschina a dozen so-called presidential houses. Mistress found in only one — was the equator working day. Pudgy 26-year-old Natalia Aksyanovich was busy at the stove. She has two children in the decree itself, waiting for the third. "House" got 2 years ago. According to previous experience I ask:

Reporter"For me, the litmus paper, a nice little house — what a shed …"

Aksyanovich"Well, yes, we have more. Two pigs in the barn, the chickens. Foreman said — zamerznetse in these houses, as in other villages so. We did not steal foam for heat, the 26 plus winter. Painted, glued themselves, the floor, the ceiling does not leak. Heating, water, gas — everything is … "

Reporter"What are the conditions given house?"

Aksyanovich"While working — ours. Privatize as spent ten years of rent 25,000 calculate, but gas is expensive for the winter — 150000 … "

Natalia, who previously worked as a milkmaid, shows the way to a new, built during the German occupation farm for nearly half a thousand cows. Here, under the roof of a three-story house. Pass-through ventilation through open windows at the top. Telyatnitsy Natalia Skliznova for the second year. He says that life does not work in such good conditions.

Skliznova"It does not smell of manure heard — the windows are closed for the winter. Clean, comfortable and cows cultural (laughter) — Nice work … "

In the control room studio acquainted with Galina that between calls says:

Galina"Excluded by delay, breach of discipline. Paid for overtime. Combine the summer working until 12 at night — are interested. I have a salary of 503 thousand. The main thing — changes in work style. You go on vacation — holiday pay plus 10 basis for recovery. And the farm was not like this — they drank, the discipline was bad … "

Go out on mehdvor. Next to the German harvesters brands "Steiger", "Challenger", "Atlas" — five on the "Lidselmash" and five tractors, "Belarusians". However, the comparison does not make sense — it is known that the German sweeper for collecting 2,000 tons of grain, because of our failures and losses just short of the half. I went over to40-year-old Anatoly tractor Ermakova, which delves into the engine.

Reporter"Salary is stable — or in the winter as in the collective farms, 100-200 thousand? "

Ermachenka"Of course, more. Millions now easily obtain the winter 500000, although the same sow, plow … "

Reporter"And you vote for Lukashenko in the elections?"

Ermachenka"Who will tell you the truth?" (Laughs)


Manager Galina negotiating on the phone about the meeting in 2 hours with the director of "Stotz Agro-service Mitkovschina" Krestenam Mayer. By the way, all felt a certain nervousness — in the neighboring district Dubrovno came Lukashenko. In the Big Mitkovschina have met women who are "marked" event.

Mrs."She likes to Lukashenko — sorry, drank a bottle of … Lukashenko in Minsk will go, and we take a picture with him! "

It came benzakalenki already familiar Ms Sedukova, which operates Head of Stotz. Her decades worked on the farm, and "comparative&
quot; issue.

Reporter"I travel 10 years into the collective farms, hear the collective farm -" hopeless "form of management and people will not be able to walk afterwards in the market. How does this "breaking"? "

Sedukova"Higher income has doubled. The boards are painted, renovated shops — it's nice to go to work, park equipment updated. We currently do not drink — after the warnings were dismissed people, an entire village unemployed walks. Did not recycle — there was more free time. In the Palace of Culture of the window set, the door was repaired in FAP — toilets. Applications are giving to artists … "

I talk with Galina Ivanovna that there is enough time to farm.

Sedukova"I'll 2 cows, 4 pigs, indavutak. Shepherd to pay 40 thousand per month plus a cow turns him dinner wear. Elders give money, she is a book that does not cut. In short, he did not graze, and cows graze it … "(Laughs)

Not far from the Little Mitkovschina in the field after I went to the little flock, for whom lying next 54-year-old Alexey Radchenko. He willingly joined in the conversation.

Radchenko"I have 15 cows from three Mitkovschina. Paz from 6 am to 7 pm. 600,000 people gather to me at the end of the month. In the farm shepherd pass 114 goals — had thirteen hundred So I for private property … "

Speaking at the same Galina Sedukovay that the farm is not "private", her expression changed.

Sedukova"The water we rusty with utilities, the tellers are rusty filters — per month to 2 times change. Hot water was now cut out the "hot" pipe remains cold. And the cold is bad — that the tower will burst, then there is no light — in the basement pipes are sealed, will flow — 3 days sitting without water. Because Kovalenko, who was chief of rayzhylfondu — wrote in a newspaper that he had a registry of 40 million .. "

He looked at the local boiler that is subject to Orsha utilities. Gathered around me with a dozen employees, who gave his explanation of the situation:

Lord"In the farm there were powerful gas boilers, produces more power, heat — the same gas was cheaper. And now we smoke wood — harder, and salaries are the same … "

Reporter"A vote for who will?"

Lord"For the new president — for Kolya" (General laughter)

Paz from 6 am to 7 pm. 600,000 people gather to me at the end of the month. In the farm shepherd pass 114 goals — had thirteen hundred So I for private property …

Back in the studio on the appointed meeting with Mayer. We go in the same direction with another milkmaid, Valya — name not name.

Valya"I support 70 calves, time 7:00, 600 salary …"


Valya"No, not enough. A salary increase — vanity, all work, want to get …"

Meanwhile, in the workshops of a sudden came up to me and head Kurusav voice quite another department employee asked, "do not shoot" and "wait for the director in the waiting room." There secretary Tamara reported that Herr Meyer this afternoon has the opportunity to meet, and advised to call from Minsk. What I did in a couple of days.

Reporter"Tamara, are journalists, last week you were …"

Tamara"Director is not, he has people that go on the farm. Before dinner, call … "

At dinner the conversation took place "without retouching."

Tamara"The director did not want you to be interviewed. He said — what kind of radio when shooting without a permit in the village … "

Reporter"He promised to come to us in an hour after the call …"

Tamara"He said — what do they want from me, and that he will speak to you?"

Reporter"Well, bring it to a democratic public opinion in Belarus …"

Comment on and share experiences with my companion, a member of the Central Committee of the Party "Fair World" Nicholas Petrushenka.

Reporter"Nikolai Semenovich how do you explain the change of position of Mayer when he learned that came to him with Radio Liberty and of" Our House "?"

Petrushenka"This is not the Herr Mayer — comrade Mayer! A holiday has become a typical Belarusian officials, managers. Comrade Meyer even afraid that it is approved! And I know why. In the "Gazette Orsha" wrote about him, that he had "the highest average pay." He gives her half of what people produce. Officials also through his newspaper had "pulled" that he did not fulfill some measure of "the relationship between the growth of wages, gross output and productivity" … "

Reporter"And how do you think, can you believe it loud expression -" give me the economic freedom, and I will make millions? "

Petrushenka"This fellow said Meyer when he was Herr Meyer." (Laughter)

Reporter"There is then a need of an authoritarian state in such inflows of foreign capital?"

Petrushenka"I think not, because the officer kept his personal interests and his rival is not needed. And if Comrade Meyer and was interviewed, he would have remembered it seven times — and because reinsured … "

Still, returning from a trip in a philosophical mood. He remembered the ending conversation with Mrs. Sedukovay.

Reporter"And in Belarus can come to civilization?"

Sedukova"Of course! They have taken in Germany to trust people, honestly — and we have not heard that they steal … "


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