Machine operators defended their leader Economy

Three hours of machine-one of the units of an agricultural cooperative "Krasnopolskiy 'strike. They were demanding the reinstatement of the dismissed director Basil Bardonava. His they have achieved.

According to the mechanics, Bardonava deprived office last evening. They took away the keys to the company car. With the work of the district center, where he lives, he went on foot:

"In the morning all machine operators went on strike. No one would sit on the tractor until the eleventh. The chair of the executive committee brought Vasili Nikolayevich, and said that he will work. I can not tell you what it's all motivated by the authorities. Do not like them, apparently, ethe man, which has worked on the farm for fifteen years. No one else can work the way it is, "- said one of the farm workers.

In Krasnopolie area all combined into one collective SEC. Against this merger appeared Basil Bordone. According to machine operators, their leader for this and disliked district leadership:

"It is evident that it interferes with the management. He also needs its people to not stand in the way of variety of scams. Against union households acted lot of people. They promised that the salary will be five hundred thousand. Salaries by association is not increased. "

Vasyl Bordone incident with his dismissal recognizes, however it does not comment on:

"It was a question, but all is well. The question which there wasabout. And so are all right. "

In the executive committee did not recognize either the fact of dismissal Basil Bardonava, nor the fact of the strike of machine. Chairman of the Executive Committee Alexander Vetoshkin said:

"Everyone is working. And Bordone works. "Zvanitselyav" and "writer" We have enough. "


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