May 28 — Day of the Border Guards

  • May 28 - Day of the Border Guards
  • May 28 — Day of the Border Guards

The history of national border service starts with the formation of Russian statehood and the definition of its territorial limits. The need for defense of its territory against attacks militant nomadic tribes forced the Russian to build on the distant outskirts of major cities outposts and forts, which gradually turned into the city. With the unification of Russian lands around Moscow in the 2nd half of the XIV century to protect against attacks on the Russian territory of foreigners in the southern and south eastern suburbs of Moscow Principality began to work the first guard detachments and villages, which were transformed into defense line and boundary lines. 

The first official document that regulates the rights and duties of the prison, and the order of the state boundaries, was "The Code of stanitsa Service" in 1571. Since then, the border security is a separate kind of military service. Almost 200 years later, in 1754, with an increase in the volume of trade with foreign countries in Russia are border customs staff who were dragoon regiments, scattered outposts along the border, customs civilian overseer. In October 1782 the country was established service "chain and customs guards", whose task is to direct border security and border control.

In 1827, with the adoption of the "Regulations on Customs Border Guard unit," Border Service was actually placed under the Department of Foreign Trade Ministry of Finance, and was partially recovered from this submission only in 1893. It was then that was formed separate corps of border guards (SACB), the main objectives of which were fighting against smuggling and illegal crossing of the border. With the outbreak of the First World War finally came out of the SACB from the Ministry of Finance and were reassigned to the military command and became part of the armies.

With the collapse of the country in 1918, the SACB has been eliminated, and in March 1918, again at the People's Commissariat of Finance of the Russian Federation was established barely organized by General Directorate of Border Guard. In November 1920, the problem of the borders of the RSFSR were assigned to the Special Section of the Cheka, and with the end of the Civil War in September 1922, they were transferred to the OGPU. Since July 1934 guidance border troops were transferred to the General Administration of external and internal security of the NKVD. After the war, the border guards were under the Ministry of State Security, and in 1953 became the property of the Interior Ministry. Organizational and managerial evolution Border got its logical conclusion in 1957, when the country was formed by General Directorate of Border Troops of the KGB. After the crash in 1991 of the Border troops had been abolished and replaced by Committee was formed for the protection of the state border. In October 1992, the border troops were incorporated into the newly formed Ministry of Security. After a series of new organizational disturbances in December 1994, was established the Federal Border Service of the Russian Federation in 2003 — a structural unit of the FSB Russia.

The tasks of border guards is to ensure comprehensive protection of the state border on land and sea, organization of the fight against smuggling, illegal migration and trafficking in arms, drugs, and prevent the activities of armed groups in the border area, and much more. Today the Russian frontier guard of about 200,000 border guards.

Traditionally in the Border Guards Day all those serving in the border troops, put on the form and gather in public places where fun and noisy celebrate their holiday. In the Border Guards Day in the cities, where the management of border districts and groups of border guards, made to produce fireworks.

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