Mercurys found underground alien bases

March 21, 2012 22:28

Mercury's found underground alien bases

Scientists are using the probe MESSENGER discovered unusual cavity in the surface of Mercury. Fans of the unknown have already state that it may be underground bases alien observers. However, the official science still does not know the exact answer, and any UFO theory flatly rejects.

Mysterious depressions occur in images on virtually all surfaces. These voids were a big surprise to scientists. For them, the Mercury has always been a celestial body that is not subject to change, a relic. But the void were under meteor crater. So, the first surface of the planet continues to evolve.

Earlier, similar institutions are on the ice at the south pole of Mars, but the structure of Mercury found in much more hard rock. Write them on the erosion can not, because the world is almost no atmosphere. The nature of education is to be seen to scientists.

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