Mermaids exist?

January 17, 2013 22:36

It is believed that mermaids do not exist, but then from there they know? Make films about them, and write books. They talk about many people, and everyone has his own way of mermaids.

Mermaid drowned sailors say they lured them with her melodious voice, his tenderness in his eyes, and the beauty of the movement. But what are they drowned them? For a change of life? More likely than not. Mermaids were immortal, but immortality is not as good as some people think, the immortal life can and boring, and bring suffering. So they entertained themselves as best they could, for example, they love beautiful and shiny things, woven into the hair algae, and jewelry that they do. They liked to get together and discuss who had found who had seen and heard, they danced and sang songs.


Still there is a story where the mermaid drowned beautiful girls out of envy that she is alive, she has a glow, beautiful legs, have relatives and beloved. After all, mermaids did not, and perhaps because of this, they were furious.

There is a version that the mermaid is drowned girl, whose restless soul. Maybe they later avenged the people who drowned them. In order to appease the hatred in yourself, and get rid of this heavy burden. However, they still suffer because of their life will not return, they only roam the expanses of the sea, and try to distract myself from the sad thoughts.

Mermaids somewhat unfortunate girls, because they can not love and be loved. And for women, it is very important. For love warms even the coldest heart.

Maybe it's all a myth, not a reality, but who knows, maybe mermaids really exist if they were not, there would not be on them as legends.

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