Military aircraft waited Russian freighter

Military aircraft waited Russian freighter

At the airport of Tashkent Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov first flight made head serial heavy military transport IL-76MF, built by order of the Ministry of Defense. It is satisfied for our waiting for at least a replenishment of the Air Force news here has generated a huge amount of questions. Chief among them is this: so that all the same we will put into operation the military transport aviation? This is the Il-76MF or its direct competitor — the Russian-Ukrainian An-70? After that, parallel to the many millions of dollars Our homeland is ready to allocate and fellow Kyiv Design Bureau. Antonov, yet at the MAKS-2009 Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. In response, experts at a meaningful roll their eyes: another big time politics is more important than presenting the most qualified professionals.

In the 1980s, when the Russian designers began to develop both machines, there was no ambiguity. The An-70 was conceived primarily medium military transport aircraft and Il-76MF — the same, but in the classroom languid machines.

Military aircraft waited Russian freighter

ILYUSHIN own way over. Their plane, made on the basis of the mass of the world freighter Sludge-76, was ready by 1995. By lengthening the cargo compartment is 6.6 meters combat load in comparison to its predecessor, has increased from 50 to 60 tons. In other words, instead of the 2-armored vehicles Il-76MF is able to take on board three. Range increased by 20% and the fuel consumption decreased by 15%. New engines PS-90A-76 to noise and emissions of hazardous substances meet the standards of ICAO and make rosy export prospects. But due to lack of funds longtime Russian Air Force expect it to this day.

The situation is much more difficult to create in Kiev since 1978 An-70. Plus he too much. First — the possibility of short take-off from unpaved runways, a length of only 600 meters. But in the process design work of An-70 retreated further and further from the tactical and technical specifications the Air Force. In the end, instead of the average position for transport ceiling in the take-off weight of 120 tons vyshlo145 tons. But this is a niche languid machines, and it is already occupied all the same Sludge-76MF. So before the Defense Ministry is a problem: what to buy?

Military aircraft waited Russian freighter

At the disposal of "joint venture" was the expert opinion of the Head of Staff of the Russian Air Force. It says: "Even at the stage of preliminary design review at the Commission had doubts about the Air Force's ability to achieve the stated OKB. Antonov features. But the CEO of EDO assured ability without weighing the merits of the characteristics of the aircraft. Yet, the design of virtually 30% increased weight of the empty aircraft and its take-off weight. Comparative evaluation of languid An-70 demonstrate that the efficiency of solving it yields the same Il-76MF by 1.8-fold, and the specific performance — by 2.6 times. In reality we should expect that the properties of the bases An-70 exceed the declared value by 15-20%. "

It is logical that in 2007 our homeland announced its withdrawal from applets to create the An-70. Spent by the time it 1100000000. dollars, of which 60% was contributed by our country, it was, of course, sorry. But why the already poor defense budget spread on two similar projects? Besides Kiev at the time was eager to NATO, and to put the future of Russian military aircraft in dependence on the will of the Western alliance nekompitentno.

Ukraine hopes that the survival of its own aircraft industry to a large extent associated with future orders for the An-70, in general, hairy said: "You'll be sorry!" And without you, they say, can handle. Let us find the missing tests for 130 million dollars and become trade transport workers around the world. Buyers, however, lined up.

But nothing came of it. Neither the Indians nor the Chinese, nor the Europeans, whose envoys tried to lure in Kyiv Design Bureau. Antonova, wallets open in no hurry. And here in the chair of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, Yanukovych has changed. Venture with NATO was ordered to turn around and face forgot to Moscow. For the change of political vector can ask a lot of money. Forgotten was the An-70 again loomed in the records of the Russian-Ukrainian summit meetings.

In 2009, at the MAKS Defense Minister Serdyukov for the first time, said that Moscow might reconsider its position. But as bugs An-70 have not gone away, spices timidly tried to object. So, in July of today, the Vice President of the United Aircraft Company Prutkovsky Basil said that the ill-fated freighter developers facing new technical requirements. It is only when you reach them will decide on the purchase.

But, of course, the fate of the aircraft now decides not Prutkovsky, and the Kremlin. And then decided to go fully meet Ukraine. And the purchase of AN-70 included in the latest edition of the State program on Russian weapons. Serdyukov appeared repeatedly condemned the situation. Funds for rearmament and so lacking. Spread them on two similar projects — an outrageous extravagance. But it seems necessary.

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