Military history museums in Russia

Military history museums in Russia

While on location in Moscow, certainly need to look at the most famous historical monuments. Visit the Red Square and the Kremlin Capital behold. Visit famous temples and monasteries. As a place of residence, you can see the hotel next to the Municipal History Museum.

Tourists pay huge attention Military Historical Museum, which Moscow has several 10-s. Some of them can brag a rich history and a long period of existence. For example, the Central Museum of the Armed Forces was launched in the 20s of the twentieth century. In the middle 60's the museum's exhibits are housed in a modern building. He once per day opens its doors to tourists. Very well known and popular museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino". Enthusiasm among tourists is a museum which was open to the centennial of Zhukov in 1996. If tourists want to visit the museum building, they should certainly do the preparatory request.

Travelers who are interested in various exhibitions about the war may also send your attention for hotels near Manezh Square. After all, as you know, specifically on the areas of the square is a monument to Zhukov, causing a lot of enthusiasm from those who are interested in history. Notable exhibits are presented in the municipal museum of the defense of Moscow, which works 5 days a week.

Museum tank runs about a decade, and during that time he took a lot of popularity. There are exhibits that are related to the T-34. Visitors to the museum can look at the photos, examine documents and various drawings.

For those who are interested in military history, the unforgettable visit to the museum will be "cool war". It is located in the heart of Moscow, but it can not be found on the surface. In order to look at the exhibits of the museum of the military, you need to come down to a few 10 s of meters below the ground. Then tourist be able to assess the stratagem of the tunnels, the sirens and the sudden blackout.

To be at approximately the same distance from the numerous building structures, it is best to choose housing in the center. Attention tourists are numerous hotels near Victory Memorial. The memorial complex once a day visiting an unlimited number of people. This contributes to its popularity. Of course, one can not mention the fact that a complex can be reached by different transport and even a private car.

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