Military police in Russia: Prospects for the creation of

Military police in Russia: prospects for aMinistry of Defence to day or sent for approval to the security forces new bill, which bears the title "On the military police." According to him, within the framework of the military department means the creation of practically the latest security services, which will have the right to conduct search operations, to initiate criminal proceedings, to lead the investigation of crimes of medium and small weight, too, will have the opportunity to participate in the conduct of counter-terrorism special operations and suppression of riots . In addition, in certain cases, military police will be authorized to conduct a cordon not only the military, and civilian objects.

The bill was sent to the Federal Security Service and the Military Prosecutor's Office. If it is approved by these agencies in the coming will be targeted to the government, and then submitted to the Municipal Duma. And if the bill is adopted, since December 1 this year in Russia will be brand-new structure — military militia.

The document itself consists of 6 chapters and 34 articles. For the creation of the modern structure in the military, is meant application configurations and amendments to existing laws and acting now, namely, "On Police", "Prosecutor's office", "On Bailiffs", "on the operative-investigative activity", "On defense ".

The bill says that the military militia will be in the army, but if necessary, will maintain cooperation with other agencies, including law enforcement, state and municipal. If we talk about the features of the new formation, it will perform criminal and disciplinary penalties in relation to the military and the civilian population, which runs military training, to ensure traffic safety in the army. In addition, the functions of the military police will enter the protection of objects of military mission, military goods, as areas of the maneuvers and military exercises. The powers of the structure will also refer to investigate the crimes of medium gravity, conducting operational-search activity, production and administrative law proceedings in cases of misconduct. Earlier, all these features made the Investigation Committee.
If we talk about the main objectives of the military police, they are reduced to the detection, prevention and suppression of crimes in the military, that is, in parts, institutions, garrisons and units. The military and the police will be assigned to the commandant office, so Makarov, they will be responsible for military discipline. They will be given the functions of car inspection in the army: the route alignment and control the movement of military convoys on the streets.

The prosecutor's office will give the possibility to take the newest structure, register and inspect the information and the sins that are or have been committed, or are about to commit troops. In addition, the military police will be able to take procedural decisions under the Criminal Code. They will be able to conduct inquiries and to conduct investigative activities in criminal cases. The duties of the military police will also enter the content of the military in the brig, namely those who are suspected of committing a crime, or convicted by a military tribunal, but the sentence for which is not yet in a legitimate force. In addition, due to the tight fit with the police military police will be able to conduct investigations to track down and arrest the persons who voluntarily left the place of service. Also, they will search for the stolen weapons, equipment and ammunition, and to make the protection of senior military control.

The bill states, and that the new body will be able to conduct forensic activities in criminal matters which fall within their competence. Military police also will have the right to participate in anti-terrorism special operations, solve puzzles, aimed at curbing the activities of international terrorists.

Military police will have ample opportunities in the field of detention and delivery of military personnel in health facilities for inspection and to take action to sober up if they were in a public place while intoxicated. Vtochnosti the same procedure can be carried out in the case of the use of drugs by military personnel. In addition, the military police will be able upon written request to obtain the necessary information, data, documents and other information, including personal information, if such a need arises in criminal proceedings.

The competence of the military police will also apply to the wanted list of servicemen who have committed an offense or is willfully left the military unit. Also, members of the newest structures will be entitled to carry out inspection of personal belongings and vehicles of war. Should the need arise, the military police, along with law enforcement agencies will be able to seep into the housing and excavation sites as personal individuals and civilian organizations, the exception in this case would be only consular offices and consulates.

Forces military police will have the right to conduct a cordon or block not only the individual military units, and military camps. Such actions can be taken with regard to civilian objects, however, this will need to coordinate their actions with the Interior Ministry. Namely, those acts are likely to occur in the case of events in the aftermath of natural disasters and man-made character, accidents, in the case of suppression of the riots. If you want to ensure the safety of civilian population, the military police will be able to beleaguer houses and organizations.

Military police will have the full right to use force, special means and instrument according to the law "On Police", with all this list of permissible instruments will be determined by the government.

Bimbo structure will be located in a particular direction of the General Prosecutor Russian Federation. If as a result of actions of a Military police military, civilian persons or organizations will be harmed, compensation shall be conducted in accordance with the law. All the controversial acts of military police can be appealed in court martial or a specific boss. Financing structure will be implemented by the Ministry of Defense.

It should be noted that the ideas for the creation of the military police appeared more than once, and sometimes voiced by different political forces. The first time, sounded a similar initiative in 1992, but then it is implemented in practice and has not been.

Military experts generally positive about the idea of the creation of the modern forces in the structure of the military. But most of them are inclined to think that the military police will be quite efficient if all the prescribed features and functions to be implemented in reality, not remain only on paper. So, namely, according to the first deputy chairman of the defense committee in the State Duma Sergei Zhigareva, the decision to make the military police is very clear and fine, so as a military reform was carried out on the model of Western countries, and therefore to control the army should be a corresponding department. According to Valery Borshchev, a member of the Moscow Public Oversight Commission to monitor the observance of human rights in places of detention, the idea of the creation of the military police would be reasonable only in this case, if all options will be strictly spelled out in the legislation.

According to Igor Korot
chenko, chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defence, the prospects for the creation of the military police is very different. Naturally, there are certain prepyadstviya with the division of functions and features, yet, specifically brand-new structure will be able to stop the offense or, if sin is committed, promptly investigate. He is confident that the Russian armed forces need efficient body which will be able to solve all the tasks assigned to it, not a decorative form. Exclusively in this case can be read that the army is the relative order, which in turn increase its efficiency and prestige.

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